About AFM

The Adelaide Flash Mob began life as a speck of an idea in a man’s head. That man, was the ever illusive Mr Penguin. Mr Penguin forged a small crack in the Castle of Facebook, and began inviting his friends and close enemies to join him for misadventures and mischief in public spaces. Only very few of those friends responded. But their friends, joined in droves, and soon enough, Mr Penguin had amassed a group large enough to attempt a Flash Mob in his home town of Adelaide. download little kidnappers the free

Adelaide, a small, decidedly unexciting place, was simply begging to the world and Mr Penguin alike, “Do something with me”. And do he did, as on Saturday the 20th of October 2007, Mr Penguin and friends performed “Look Up” to the unexpecting audience of the Adelaide CBD, and thusly the Adelaide Flash Mob was born.

The Adelaide Flash Mob is a group of like minded people who get together to perform “flash mobs” in and around Adelaide, South Australia. Following in the footsteps of other flash mob groups around the world, the AFM organises and promotes activities using word of mouth, and the powerful social networking environment of the internet.

For the first few years from our inception we organised many events in and around the Adelaide CBD, you can read about many of them in our event reports here. As well as pure flashmobs we also had some similar fun and random events in the same spirit including the Ninja Raid on Adelaide series, No Pants Tram Ride and Burst into Song and Dance.

As the years rolled on our organisers got busy or moved onto other things and fewer events were organised until the only event left was the annual No Pants Tram Ride. That was one of our first events and managed to draw a decent turnout most years and was always fun. We celebrated our 10th year of that event in January 2017. After the 2018 ride we decided to retire the event and that marks the last activity to date (as at Nov 2019) for the Adelaide Flashmob.

So the AFM is currently dormant with no plans to organise any events in the future. However, we still love to see these types of fun, friendly and creative events happening in our great city so if someone wants to start running events again either as part of the AFM or independently they are more than welcome to and we will help out in any way we can.

For further information, please contact the AFM organisersĀ via ourĀ Facebook Page.