Adelaide Flashmob #14

We’re trialing a new method for this flashmob.  Usually we keep the instructions secret until the day of the mob, but this time we’re giving them out beforehand.

Date: Saturday 1st of August

Time: 12:45pm- 2:00pm

Place: Rundle Mall (various spots)


We will be doing 3 or 4 mobs along Rundle Mall.

#1: By 12:45 you need to be “shopping” anywhere in the mall between Pultney St and the fountain outside Adelaide Arcade. Walk back and forth in that section keeping your eyes open. Mobber 1 will set down a sign reading “Please Line Up Here” somewhere in that section and stand behind it. Once you spot the sign and mobber 1, casually walk over and join the line. At a random moment mobber 1 will pick up the sign and walk away. Quickly and quietly disperse and head to the Cibo on Rundle Mall (near the Reject shop and fountain).

#2: You should be “shopping” and hanging around, looking natural, in the general vicinity of the Cibo tables and umbrellas on Rundle Mall, keeping an eye on the Cibo booth.  Once everyone is assembled Mobber 1 will approach the booth and start clapping when the next person receives their order.  As soon as this happens, everyone quickly come over and join in.  Clap and cheer then start a chant: CHIBO! CHIBO! CHIBO! etc.  When Mobber 1 ceases, silently melt back into the crowd (but stay in the area as we will be doing it again).  When the next person in the line receives their order, rush in and clap and cheer before starting the chant.  Try and make it twice is big and loud as before.  When Mobber 1 ceases, quickly and quietly disperse and head to the Gawler Place canopy in Rundle Mall.

#3: (Note: We did this activity at our last event and it worked quite well.  With these additional instructions and more people we think it will be even better.)  You should be “shopping” and looking natural, in the general vicinity of the Gawler Place Canopy in Rundle Mall, keeping and eye out for the action to start.  Mobber 1 will walk to the centre of the under-cover area (or nearby if there is a street performer there) and start bobbing up and down saying “Boing! Boing! Boing!” etc.  Stand and watch for 30 seconds or more before gradually joining in.  Find your own space in the general area, look in a random direction and start bobbing and boinging yourself.  Try and keep OUT OF TIME of those around you.  Mobber 1 will stop at a random moment.  When you become aware that Mobber 1 and others have stopped, complete your current bob then quickly and quietly disperse in different directions and head to the pigs outside the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall.

#4: As soon as you arrive at the pigs start forming circles of people around stationary objects and monuments in the area, starting with the thin tree next to the pigs.  Once an object is fully encircled start swaying and murmering as a group while staring at the object.  Use the whole area outside the Myer Centre, avoid monuments right next to each other if possible to prevent clutter.  When the group around the thin tree breaks, disperse quickly and quietly in different directions.

The event ends here.  If you’d like to meet up with other mobbers, have some food and discuss the event, head into the City Cross food court.  Get some food and/or place your left hand on your head and walk around until you see others doing likewise, congregate in a group and find a place to sit.

In order to make this event successful we need as many people as possible. It would be greatly appreciated if you could invite all your friends to help us achieve this goal.