Adelaide Flashmob #15: Event Instructions

Event Details

Date: Friday, 18 September 2009
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Location: Rundle Mall, Adelaide CBD


For this event we will be doing 4 activities along Rundle Mall.

Mob #1 : By 6pm (1800) you should be browsing the books, dvds and magazines in Borders (next to the malls balls) upside down. Each product that you are looking at should be physically taken off the shelf and held upside down. This will be a very subtle mob which many people won’t notice. But those who do will be WTF confused. When your watch/phone strikes 6:13pm, immediately put the product you are holding back, put your hands over your ears and quickly and quietly head for the door.

Mob#2: As you exit borders form a large circle around the malls balls so that you are around 10 m from it. Look out for other mobbers and try and fill the gaps to make it more or less a complete circle. Strike up a conversation with the mobber next to you and slowly raise the noise level. As the general noise level gets louder, slowly move forward, closing the circle around the balls but don’t go closer than 4 m. Once the noise level gets high enough a countdown will start… 20,19,18,17 etc… join in and make it really loud… 5,4,3,2,1… finish the countdown at 1 (one), INSTEAD of saying 0 (zero), quickly and silently disperse in different directions.

Mob #3: Start walking west (towards king william) along the mall, keeping to the left hand side. As you pass Harris Scarfe’s, crouch down and tie (pretend to tie) your shoe, get back up and contine walking. Walk 20 m or so past the end of Harris Scarfe then cross over to the opposite side of the mall, loop around and walk past Harris Scarfe’s again with another stop and shoe tie somewhere in front of the store. Repeat 3 more times (5 in total). Try and mix up the spot where you do your shoe tie on each loop and try not to get in the way of the doors too much. After you have finished your 5th pass, casually walk off towards the Myer Centre.

Mob#4: If your birthday is in an odd month (Jan, Mar, May etc) find a spot in the mall outside the Myer Centre and stand with both hands on your head. You don’t need to be frozen, just standing in the one spot with your hands on your head. Those of you who have your birthday in an even month (Feb, April, June etc) stand around watching, move in amongst those who are standing still as though they are exhibits in an art gallery. Once you have had a good look around, approach someone who still has both hands on their head and put them into another pose by physically arranging their arms and giving them quiet instructions. Once you are happy with the new pose, walk off. Those who are now posing; again you don’t need to be frozen, just generally still and holding your pose. Count to 100 and then casually walk off. Hopefully the split will be roughly even but if not, just accomodate by either setting the pose for more than one person or skip setting someone’s pose if no one is left.

The event ends here. However, if you want to meet up with other mobbers and discuss the event, head into the City Cross food court. Scratch all over as if you have fleas as you walk around the food court to identify yourself as a mobber. Find others doing likewise and gather together and find a place to sit.

Theres quite a lot to remember here so you might want to copy the instructions into a word document and print them out for your reference.

If you can’t make it to this event then please give us a hand and invite any friends who you think might be interested so we can get the numbers to make the mob a success.