Adelaide Flashmob #16

What a great night! Thanks to everyone who came along to participate in the mob. Sorry about the late notice on the changes, but it was still a great night. If you missed it, you can click through for the instructions from the event. If you came along, please comment and let us know what you thought of it!


At 6:00pm: Stand around the shops by the Malls Balls with your hands on your heads as if you’re waiting for someone. Try and make eye contact with another mobber, wink and tap your nose, and then place your hands on your head again, then look for another mobber and do the same.

At 6:10pm: Take your hands off your head and SLOWLY CREEP towards the Malls Balls. Keep an eye on the other mobbers, and try and all get there around the same time. When you get close enough, reach out give the balls a hug. Once everyone’s there, give out a loud “awwwww!” for 10 seconds. Disperse in all directions. IMPORTANT: Don’t get too close to anyone sitting or standing there, just move around them.

At 6:15pm: Wander around the front of the Myer Centre. Start looking up. Pretend that you can see something, and start pointing. While looking up and pointing, slowly gather together and all point and look in the same direction saying “what is it?” etc. Try and engage other people as they walk by. How many people can you get looking?

At 6:18pm: Disperse and head to the entrance of Harris Scarfe’s

At 6:25pm: Drop a contact lens. If there are people walking past, just ask them politely to watch where they step, or even see if they can help you. If you wear glasses, find another mobber and help them look.

At 6:28pm: Find your lens! Rejoice! Give a cheer! Hug the people around you! Tell them story of the Great Lens Hunt!

Disperse and head towards City Cross Arcade, waving to the other people waving to you.