Adelaide Flashmob #17

Thanks again for everyone who came out for AFM #17. What a great time! It’s been about 6 months since our last one, and I’m glad that everyone was still really into it. Thanks especially to Bryn, Leticha and Ben who all helped to lead different aspects of the mob. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Special mention also goes to the guy who gave one of the ‘happy birthday’ recipients a paper hat. That was great! Also thanks to Nikki for grabbing some footage of the night.

If you were there, let us know what you thought the best parts of the night were! For those of you who weren’t there, check out the instructions below to see what we got up to!


LOCATION: Malls Balls
WHO TO LOOK OUT FOR: Other flashmobbers!

At 6:00pm sharp you should be hanging out around the Malls Balls – but something smells, and it smells BAD. Do one or more of the following:
– hold your nose
– check if you’ve stepped in something
– check if you put deodorant on
– ask the people around you if they can smell it too
– maybe even dry reach a bit
– blame the person next to you

LOCATION: Malls Balls, front of Harris Scarfe’s, front of Myer Center
WHO TO LOOK OUT FOR: Bryn, the cupcake man
NUMBER OF TIMES: 3 (once at each location)

While you’re busy convincing everyone there’s a horrible smell around the place, keep an eye out for a GUY WITH A CUPCAKE WITH A CANDLE IN IT.

He will approach someone sitting by the Mall’s Balls and ask them to hold the cupcake while he ties his shoelace. Once he’s tied his shoe lace, he will walk away, leaving that person with the cupcake. As soon as he STRETCHES HIS ARMS WHILE HE WALKS AWAY, everyone will rush in with a ROARING chorus of Happy Birthday! (instead of the person’s name, we’ll just sing the words “Happy Birthday”). There will be three “hip hip”s and instead of doing a “hooray” on the last one, we’ll quickly disperse and head to the next location where you’ll wait for the cupcake man again. The three locations for this will be:
– Mall’s Balls
– Front of Harris Scarfe
– In front of the Myer Center (after this one, just disperse again, but hang around the Myer Center for the next one).

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to be cupcake man (or woman!) then drop me a message.

LOCATION: Starting at front of Myer Center, end near the Malls Balls
WHO TO LOOK OUT FOR: Leticha and the large brown paper bag

Keep an eye out for a person who will have a LARGE BROWN PAPER BAG with an Australian Geographic logo on it. This will be the leader for the next event. They will pick someone walking down Rundle Mall, and we’ll follow behind them. Whatever they do, we do. If they scratch their head, we scratch ours. It’s easiest if you just follow the person in front of you.

If they look behind them, we all STOP WHERE WE ARE and just look around like we’re minding our own business (it’ll be a bit of a laugh because we’re all in a line). Once they look behind, or we’ve followed them far enough, we’ll DISPERSE and thel follow someone else.

We’ll do this 3 times. Then head back to the Mall’s Balls for the final event.

LOCATION: Malls Balls
WHO TO LOOK OUT FOR: Ben, with the shoe phone

Mingle around the Mall’s Balls. You’ll need your mobile phone (or an alternative… see below).

Ben will spot someone who’s on their phone and stand next to them with his SHOE PHONE. We’ll start moving at a FAST WALK towards that person. We should eventually have a large group surrounding the person while talking (try not to get too close though!). Once we get close, start talking louder. After we’ve been standing close to them for a few seconds, we’ll all start saying goodbye, disperse and return to our original positions to do it again.

If you don’t want to use your mobile, feel free to use one of the following:
– a shoe
– a piece of fruit (I hear bananas make good phones)
– your thumb and little finger
– an old phone with a dial
– the Tardis

After we’ve done this a few times, we’ll disperse and head to the City Cross arcade for food.