Adelaide Fringe Flashmob Mission


I only just (May 8th 2009) found this video when I was searching around on youtube.  I attended the event and it was great fun.  I’d been wanting to do an MP3 event in Adelaide for ages so it was great to finally have one with someone as experienced as Charlie (Improv Everywhere).  Since I wasn’t an organiser I was able to enjoy the event as simply a participant and it was awesome!

The “Adelaide Fringe Flashmob Mission” was on Saturday (March 7th).  This was an official Fringe event being put together by Improv Everywhere‘s Charlie Todd

    (USA) and the Adelaide Fringe , and was part of ‘The Playground’ series of events.  The Adelaide Flash Mob helped out with promotion and local knowledge.  From the Fringe website:

    Psst… wanna take part in a secret mission? Register to be part of Flashmob with Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd (USA), famous for his ‘freeze’ in New York’s Grand Central Station (check out YouTube’s FREEZE). Remember “loose lips sink ships!”

    The details were kept secret until just a few days before the event.  Those who were interested in participating needed to email the event email address to get themselves on a mailing list to receive the information when it came out.