AFM#13: Thumbwar Championships, Event Report

Our last flashmob event was all the way back at the end of 2008 so it was good to get back in the hot seat.  The weather looked a bit dicey for a while but turned out great for the duration of the event even though it managed to run an hour overtime.  We were a little light on numbers at the meeting place so I made a last ditch attempt to recruit some more mobbers by handing out instructions in the mall and directing them to our first activity, “Thumbwar Championships.”  I managed to get another 5 or so people which swelled by an additional 4 or 5 before the event’s end.

For this event we also had two uni students, Jay Anderson and Andro Malapira, filming for a doco project for their uni course.  The finished product is below.


(also available on youtube)

Here’s a basic rundown of the four activities from this event.  If you participated then please leave your thoughts and comments about the event in the comments below.  We should have a video coming shortly as well.

Thumbwar Championships

“Sign Up” at the malls balls meeting point and pair off for round one of the thumbwar championships. “1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumbwar,” and the battles begin.  At the end of the round the losers are eliminated and the winners progress to round two.  This continues until we have a Thumbwar Champion.

Boing, Boing

Mobber 1 starts bobbing up and down and saying “boing, boing, boing… etc” reasonably loudly.  Other mobbers gradually join in.  We started this behind the busking magician who’s often in the mall and he felt the need to make a number of comments as he thought we were stealing his show.

Simon Does Loop

Everybody walks a looping route from the mall and through the Myer Centre that includes… Check watch, walk towards Myer, tie shoe, go down escaltor, walk left, fake trip, go up escalator, go back out into the mall.  Repeat the loop 5 times over, keeping your head in your newspaper all the time through.

We only managed 2.5 times through the loop before a security gaurd kicked us out… apparently reading the newspaper is against their conditions of entry.

Mouse honeydripper movie

Find a seat in the City Cross food court, near the Subway and Hungry Jacks.  As mobber in mouse costume approaches shout out “Mouse!” and jump up on chairs, searching the floor.  Mouse will walk through the food court and out the door into Grenfell Street.  Once he is gone, sit back down and go about your business.

The female security guard chased down the mouse and stopped him just before he did his walk through the foodcourt.  She didn’t want to chuck him out, but ask for a photograph with him.  Unfortunately that put her right there for when we all shouted out and we were quickly asked to leave.