AFM#4.3: Fast Fringe Flashes (Part 3)

Date:Saturday March 15th

Meeting: Fringe Alley off Vaughn Place off Rundle Street (see map)

Time: 7 pm

This weekend, Saturday March 15th, is the 3rd and final mob in our ‘Fast Fringe Flashes’ series of events. As you know, our second mob was set for last Sat but had to be cancelled due to the extreme heat.

We have planned this weekend’s mob later in the evening to avoid the heat and to take advantage of the crowds which will be in town to enjoy the last weekend of the fringe.

As always, specific details will be handed out on the day, but we can tell you that part of the event will involve getting the fringe crowd to make one big conga line down and around the garden of unearlthy delights and rundle street. Prior to this main event there will be a few fast mobs in the rundle street area.

Please also read up on our Mobbing guidelines to make the event as successful as possible.

One more thing, this mob is time specific so please syncronise your watches (phones) to the local adelaide time at this website.

We’ve created events for both MySpace and Facebook where you can check out the updated details as the come available. If you don’t have either of those social networking programs then keep an eye on the website as we will be posting all the details here.

We need your help to get as many people involved as possible so invite all your friends along.