No Pants 2k8- Adelaide; Instructions

The original idea is basically the same as the first Improv Everywhere No Pants mission and this alternate method is a combinatation of that first mission and the event that they currently hold. The problem with the original idea is that unless the train is quite busy, there probably won’t be enough time for peole to walk inbetween each carriage when the train stops. This new idea includes a 15 minute wait on the platform, but apart from this it is as good, if not better than the orginal idea.

The idea:

We all meet at around 12:30, near the Adelaide Train Station

We catch the 12:58 Grange Train

Riders de-pants and exit the train at the first six stops: Boyden, Croydon, West Croydon, Killkenny, Woodville Park and Woodville

They throw their pants to the designated pants seller/ collector who then gets off at Woodville

After a 15 minute wait, the Outer Harbour Train will come along (going the same direction) and we will get on it at our respective stops. The pants seller will also get on the train but won’t start selling right away.

This is where the fun starts. Roam about the train and act like its totally normal not to be wearing your pants.

After a little while, the pants seller will stand up and start yelling out: Pants for Sale! Pair of Pants $1

React in your own way, be creative… “did he say pants? thank god for that” “one dollar? thats a bargain” etc. Buy back your pants and put them back on.

Then ride out the rest of the trip as you normally would on a train ride. The train will reach Outer Harbour at 1:50 pm.

Its important not to speak with other participants and give no indication that your in some sort of organised event.

The next train going back into the city leaves at 1:58. On the way back we can do things a little differently… from Outer Harbour to Cheltenham (the stop before Woodville) you can do whatever you want. Then at the next six stops… get out once again.

Wait 15 mins for the next Grange-City train and board as before.

We will arrive back in the city at 2:36 pm. Then we will probably go to Maccas or the Australian Pizza House afterwards for anyone who wants to come.

What you need to bring:

Metro Ticket

Book, Magazine, Ipod etc. to do on the train and to look like normal patrons

Underwear: I’m personally gonna wear boxers, it’ll be a warm day so I think they’ll be actually quite comfortable. Briefs are also good too, but no thongs please as we don’t want to offend anyone. Ideally the top half of your clothing will contrast the bottom (no pants) half so its obvious that you’re not simply wearing shorts.