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Two MASSIVE Upcoming Events: No Pants 2k9 and Ninjas 2009

No Pants 2k9 Adelaide

When: Saturday January 10th 2009

Time: 12:30pm – 2pm

Where: Train leaving Adelaide Train Station (and returning)

This is the 2nd year running this in Adelaide. Last year was great fun and we hope to get a bigger turnout for more fun this year.

The idea is simple:

1. Ride the train with pants
2. Take pants off during the trip (with boxers/briefs underneath)
3. Pretend you don’t know the other pantsless riders and pretend that wearing no pants on the train is a perfectly normal thing to be doing

Now, if you’re thinking that theres no way you’re going to ride the train pantsless consider this… Improv Everywhere run this event every year in New York and last time they managed to get 900 people, thats right NINE HUNDRED, to go pantsless and for them its the middle of winter. In the Aussie summer going pantsless is actually more comfortable than wearing pants.

Come and join us, do something unusual, be part of the ultimate inside joke and give the prudes of Adelaide something to gasp at.

Last years event:

If you are interested then please mark yourself as attending on the Facebook Event or drop us an email at adelflashmob[at]hotmail[dot]com

Ninja Raid on Adelaide 2009

On Sunday 1st of March, The largest group of Ninjas ever seen will descend upon Rundle Mall!

Where: South East Corner Of Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide
When: 2:30pm Sunday 1st of March

* Wear Black Clothes
* Bring a Black T-Shirt (for headgear)
* *optional* A plastic toy weapon (Do not bring anything real or that looks real)

The more Ninjas, the more fun so:

* Invite your friends on Facebook and MySpace to the events
* Tell all your Ninja friends
* Print off poster (below in photos) and put it up at your school, uni, workplace, club, temple or dojo
*Print out flyers (below in photos) and give them out to your friends (you can use microsoft photo printing wizard to print them off, 9 per page)

Look at the photo below for how to turn a t-shirt into Ninja head gear (in links section below)

To ensure this is the biggest ninja run ever we will be putting up a lot of posters and handing out a ton of flyers.

The plan will consist of:

1. Meet at 2:30 for brief Ninja training and instructions
2. We will be storming adelaide in a large group with several mini Ninja events down and around the mall.
3. Just before 4:00 we will have a Ninja photoshoot around the Mall’s Balls.

If you are interested then please mark yourself as attending on the Facebook Event or drop us an email at adelflashmob[at]hotmail[dot]com

Spread the Word!

Our events are not for everyone so the more people who hear about them the more chance we have of getting those who ARE interested to come along.  You can help us out by mentioning our events in your normal day to day activities.  If you Facebook then join our events and invite your friends along.  If you Blog then write an entry about us and our activities.  If you Stumble or Digg then drop us a hit.  If you Email then spam all your friends about us.  If you talk with friends, bring us up in conversation… every little bit helps.  Your help, even the smallest amount of help, can make our event SUCCESSFUL!

Ninjas vs Pirates, The Battle for Adelaide

This is a follow up event to our highly successful, ‘Ninja Raid on Adelaide.’

The Story

How it Started 

The Ninjas, once feared warriors, had been losing their edge for years as they waged territorial battles amongst themselves and paid little attention to protecting their borders from foreign sea dogs. They had lost their reputation as the unseen killers, black as death, and allowed pirates to stumble the streets of Adelaide drunk and unchecked.

In early 2008 the Pirate Prince docked at Port Adelaide unchallenged and declared the city his. Many of the older Ninjas were upset that the borders they had fought so hard to secure had been lost so easily but they were powerless against the young and fearless pirate hordes.

There was one Ninja who had not forgotton the old ways and was not about to let his home city fall. He was a young and calculating warrior called Red Ninja and he united the many tribes to come out of the shadows and show their strength in the Ninja Raid on Adelaide. Red Ninja was a natural leader and a good general too. Fighting under him, the Ninjas found a sense of pride once again and fought on until they had retaken the city and captured the Pirate Prince.

(several months later)

News of his son’s capture has reached the Pirate King far across the seven seas. He is furious that his son could be so careless but outraged that the Ninjas perpetrated such a brazen and personal attack.

The King loves his son, but he loves his pride even more. He is calling for all factions of the Pirate empire to unite behind his flag, retake the city, and squash out the Ninjas for good. plavix

He is offering 12 chests of gold for the one who rescues his son and delivers the Red Ninjas head on a platter.

Meanwhile, his success in battle has been kind to Red Ninja. He is now no longer a warrior but a Ninja Lord with the allegiance and respect of thousands. He has got wind of the Pirates’ plan and has sent messages to all corners of the land for Ninjas to be ready to fight their sworn enemies, the Pirates, in a conflict to end all conflicts, The Battle for Adelaide.


Where do your allegiances lie…

Ninja Raid on Adelaide Event Report

Updated: June 24th.

Thanks to everyone who left comments below, I think they really do add something positive to an event report like this.  If you haven’t yet, then comment away, theres still some space left.  I thought I’d better update this report with all the resources etc so people coming to the site in the future will be able to read all about it in one place.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but have been super busy with uni stuff as I’m sure a few of you have too.


For those of you who don’t know, the ‘Ninja Raid on Adelaide’ was an event hosted by the AFM on Saturday May 24th.  The basic idea was to get a huge group of people together, dress up as Ninjas, run around the city and make a great video about it.  You can find the full instructions including how to construct the Ninja head gear here.


This question has been asked many times and I think the answer is different for each person.  I participate in Flash Mobs and related events because I like to be different, I like to make spectators out of unsuspecting people and make them go ‘what the?,’  I like to document the event and see the impact that the videos have on other people and I like participating because its great fun.  Why do you like to Mob?

Wrap Up

The event went very well and was definately our biggest and most successful event yet.  Our best estimate puts the mob at 150- 200 people but we know we had at least 100.  We had 4 groups each with a group leader (who wore coloured arm and head bands) and each group had different tasks in the campaign to catch the Pirate Prince.  We got some great reactions from bystanders which you can see in the video if you look closely and read about in the comments below.

We also had a bunch of guys from Parkour SA doing tricks and stunts throughout the event. If you’d like to learn more about what they do or get involved yourself, check out their website and forum



We contacted the TV stations and Sunday Mail before hand and were happy to see a photographer/reporter as well as a Channel 7 camerman come out to cover the event.  Apparently when the Channel 7 guy came to the meeting place to ask us what the plan for the day was, he asked several people what we were going to do and got several answers of ‘its a secret, we can’t tell you,’ ha ha… great work Ninjas!

  • We got a story and a bunch of photos on the Adelaide Now Website (owned by the Advertiser) and then a follow up story in the Sunday Mail

    x men the last stand download download graveyard shift movie

    the day after.

  • Unfortunatley we didn’t make the News that night or Sunday night but we have heard rumours that we were on on Monday night.  If anyone happens to have the footage we’d love to get a copy!
  • About a week later we discovered a full page story and some pictures on a very popular Korean News Website, CyWorld (in Korean).  We still haven’t got an official translation yet so if anyone can help us out, it would be much appreciated.
  • As a result of the Raid, Alex and I were interviewed on Radio Adelaide’s ‘The Range’ on Friday, check out the podcast here



We are lucky at the AFM to have a dedicated and talented media manger, Ken.  He had his work cut out for him for this event as he had to film us go past and then sprint to the front of the group once more to film us go past again, then rinse and repeat.  We also couldn’t have done it without the help of our volunteer filmers, so thank to them also.  The video turned out great and seems to get better every time you watch it.  If you watch it one youtube, remember to do it in high quality as its a much better experience.

I have posted the picture sets below followed by the video teasers and finally the finished video.  Don’t forget to check out our next big event, ‘Ninjas vs Pirates, The Battle for Adelaide,’ happening on August 9th.


corelyy2003’s photostream on Flickr

Adelaide Flash Mob photostream on Flickr

Teaser Original

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3 

Ninja Raid on Adelaide ‘The Video’


(tip: watch in high quality on youtube)

Adelaide Flash Mob #11 Details

Time to get geared up for our next flash mob.  Details below.

Date: Saturday 01 November 2008
Time: 13:00 – 14:00
Location witchcraft 13 blood of the chosen dvdrip download : Meet @ North Terrace (the fountain outside the Museum)

If you’re new to flash mobbing, check out our previous events

to get an idea of what we’ll be doing on the 1st.  We don’t give out the actual details until the day to avoid spoiling the surprise.

Also, don’t forget that the Adelaide Zombie Walk is coming up this Saturday.  Details below.

The 25th of October is when the undead of Adelaide shall rise again.

This years walk will be bigger and better than last, it will also coincide with World Zombie Day where our brain loving brothers and sisters from across the globe will rise with us to walk the earth once more.

Be part of this historic event that is sure to become an Adelaide institution.

The looks on the mortals faces last year was priceless, and with a bigger crowd expected this year it is shaping up to be gore-licious!

Spread the word far and wide to all your brain munching friends.. dont let them miss out on Adelaide Zombie Walk 2008!

The horde is to gather at Rymill Park (top of Rundle Street) at 7pm.

If you’re looking for a zombie friendy place to chill after the walk, this years Zombie Safe Havens are:

Worldsend (zombies get drinkers card specials)
The Cavern (no cover charge & drink specials for zombies)
Crown & Anchor (zombies get happy hour prices)
Enigma (usual Sat drink specials)
Adelaide Uni Bar (previously Channel – drink specials all night)

Email with any questions.

– Adelaide Zombie Walk

You can also check out the event on facebook, they have over 300 people confirmed.  Hope to see you there!

AFM#'s 8,9 and 10 Reports

Its been a long time since our last website update but we have been doing stuff inbetween.  I’ve been busy (Uni, work, other stuff) and lazy… mostly lazy. Anyway, this post should bring you up to date on everything we’ve been doing in the last couple of months.  We’ve had three flash mob events, the latest one just last night (Friday Oct 17th), and quite a lot of success with numbers, weather and ideas.  Heres a run down of the last three mobs.

Flash Mob #8: ‘It’s not raining!’

When: 5:30pm 05 September 2008

Where: Rundle Mall

Bus Stop Plague: In dribs and drabs head towards the bus stop outside of Harris Scarfs on Grenfell Street. Once we have assembled a crowd at the bus stop Nick will collapse. Try (with out injuring yourself) to collapse as realistically as possible i.e. you should look like you have fainted. We lay dead for a minute and then disperse as if nothing had happened.

Line up: Alex will stand on the side of the wall about four meters away from the entrance of Dymocks. Someone will then start a line like those to get into clubs. In dribs and drabs join on this line.  Alex will ask people at the front of the line for there ID anyone without Id or who is under 18 will be turned away. Otherwise you will head into Dymocks.

Crime scene: In groups of three walk towards the intersection of Gawler place and rundle mall. When Nick drops to the floor the selected member of your group should also drop to the floor. The two remaining people should quickly chalk their outline then disperse.

Umbrella Legion

: Form up outside the Myer centre, in a 6 columns facing towards the target end of rundle mall. People without an umbrella go in the centre, people on the edge lean your umbrella in the direction of your side. People in the middle hold your umbrella straight up but high enough that you can avoid hitting anyone taller than you. We will then march in a straight line to the David Jones. Upon arriving at David Jones we will halt and carefully crouch down. We will hold this position for 30 seconds and then very carefully break up the legion and disperse.

I remember this one being a little painful with repeated ‘falling’ over.  Bus stop plague looked really good on the video with everyone falling perfectly in time but no one payed any attention to us.  Some people just walked through, stepping over bodies like they were puddles.  Like all mobs involving random lines, Line Up was quite successful.  I was one of the first people to be let in so missed most of the action but apparently we got a good reaction.  Umbrella Legion was a good finish.  It was a bit hard to see reactions from within our umbrella cacoon but we got a classic shout up from the Harris Scarfe spruiker, “Its Not Raining!”

Flash Mob #9: ‘Cebo’ Cheers

When: 5:50 pm 19th September 08

Where: Rundle Mall

To be honest, I can’t remember the instructions for everything we did in this event.  I do remember that it was one of our best events so far and unfortunately our first un-filmed event so far (good one Ken).  Those who were there, help me out with any missed details in the comments below and I’ll add them in.

Can I have a Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee please?: Slowly move into coffee shop (which one) and casually hang around, some people order something.  Start talking to the people around you about anything u like and gradually raise the volume in the room until you nearly have to shout. Keep your eye on James, he will make his way to the counter and ask for a Farmers Union Iced Coffee… which they don’t have.  When they say they don’t have them, everyone go dead silent and leave.

This mob went down extremely well and is one of my favourites to date.  We got the volume up without raising any suspicion and the staff had to literally shout the orders out to be heard over us.  The effect of the silence after to commotion was brilliant and once we’d left there was only one or two patrons left in the shope and a lot of confused staff.

‘Cebo’ Cheers: Casually hang around the Cibo in Rundle Mall and when someone receives their order, clap and cheer.  Repeat a few times.

This was our successful ATM Cheering Mob rehatched.  I think it actually worked better because ATM Cheering tends to make the ATM user uncomfortable while Cibo cheering got everyone happy.

Copy Cat candyman free download : Hang around the Harris Scarfe Spruker and repeat everything he says in chorus.

This one started off well but then ran into a brick wall when the spruker caught on and refused to say anything.  Don’t worry, we got him back at the end.

<there was one or two other mobs in here that I can’t quite recall>

Before heading back to David Jones to reflect on the days mobs we decided to have another go at the spruker.  I lead an impromptu worship of him in front of Harris Scarfe.  We hailed and made lots of noise and he lapped it up, enjoying the extra attention.  I had a quick look around and saw that quite a crowd had gathered to watch as well.  Soon Harris Scarfe security arrived, supposedly to move us along but the spruker waved them off, assumingly to not appear like he couldn’t take a joke.  He was trying to get rid of us but we would continually interrupt, taking his last word and repeating it.  He started getting quite annoyed so we wrapped it up, but not before letting him know that we are not to be messed with.

Flash Mob #10: The Sign 2

When: 5:50pm 17th September 08

Where: Rundle Mall

The Sign: Scatter around the area on the target end of Rundle Mall between dymocks and EB games.  Laura will hold up a sign that states “Do Note Read, Penalties Will Apply!” A flashmobber will then approach and read the sign.  Laura will whistle and every mobber should run in, grab the sign reader and carry them off down the corridor under the Richmond Hotel.

Follow the Leader: Scatter in the area around the malls balls.  Nick will pick a non-flashmobber to follow.  Then in dribs and drabs we will join a line of people following this person.  Attempt to copy the exact route of the person in front of you and their speed of walk.  When Nick ceases to follow the person, disperse and return to the balls to repeat.

Whirlpool: Scatter around the Mall/ Gawler Place intersection watching James.  He will slowly start walking in a tight circle around the centre of the mall.  Gradually join him in dribs and drabs. Some people walk in tight circles near the centre while others walk in wider circles on the outside.  Those further out will have to walk faster to make one revolution in time with those near the centre. in cold blood divx

Creep: We will select a non-flashmobber; we will then scatter in the area around them.  If they look in your direction you must freeze, otherwise creep slowly towards them.  When Nick stops creeping towards them and walks off, all disperse.

You will notice I haven’t put any of my comments about how I think each mob went.  If you were there, please leave some comments at the end of the post letting us know which mobs you enjoyed, which ones worked, which didn’t and any good spectator reactions you got or saw.

AFM#8 and AFM#10 were both filmed and we should have the videos up soon (well eventually).  If you missed them, the videos from AFM#7: The Sign are up on youtube, and on the event report.

The dates for our next two mobs have been set, Saturday November 1st and Saturday November 29th, details coming soon.  The Adelaide Zombie walk is also coming up next Saturday, check facebook for details.

Mob Report: AFM#5: Legion

Date: Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Meet: Hindmarsh Square- South West Corner

Time: 3pm- 4pm

After the success of AFM#4 we decided to continue with the format of having multiple mobs in each event. Its a little known fact that we don’t actually pick the mob idea until the last minute but with this mob we took it to the extreme by not finalising until the morning of the actual mob. Having said that , it came together awsomely and produced some of the best stuff we’ve had so far.

Here is the “Link” video, the other two and their full reports are available after the jump




(also available on youtube)

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Upcoming Mob: AFM#12: November 29th

Date: Saturday 29 November 2008

free nim s island movie download

13:00 – 14:30
Location: Meet @ Hindmarsh Square (next to the robots on poles)

If you’re new to flash mobbing, check out our previous events to get an idea of what we’ll be doing on the 29th.  We don’t give out the actual details until the day to avoid spoiling the surprise.

You can also check out the event on facebook.

Hope to see you there!

Ideas 2

Following on from our other ideas post we’d like to get some more feedback on what mobs people want to do. Check back to our first 13 ideas and let us know if theres any there which we haven’t done yet but you’d still like to do, if you have any new ideas of your own post them in the comments as well.

#7: Improv Everywhere: This was a popular idea and we’d like to know which IE mission you are most interested in…

7.1: Frozen Event: Everybody freezes in a public space for about 5 mins: Youtube Video, IE Report, Global Freeze Events

7.2: Random Musical: Bunch of seamingly random people break out into song in a public place: Youtube Video, IE Report

7.3: Time Loop: Bunch of people repeat a bunch of actions over and over: Youtube Video, IE Report

7.4: Un-Employees : Everybody dresses similar to the employees of a shop then all go there and confuse everybody: IE Report

7.4: MP3 Actions: We make and MP3 with a bunch of instructions on it and everyone dowloads it, puts it on their mp3 player and presses play at the same time (IE have done this a number of times): Youtube Video

speed download

, IE Report

Many more ideas after the jump.
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Adelaide Flashmob #16- probably late November

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