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Ninjas vs Pirates, The Battle for Adelaide: The Calm Before The Storm

With less than two days to go before the final battle of the epic power struggle between Ninjas and Pirates hits the streets of Adelaide, its time to ready yourselves for war.  Parrot spies have delivered the location of the Pirate Prince to his father the King and he has locked himself in his cabin, planning his strike.  The Ninjas know that the Pirates are preparing to attack but they aren’t scuttling away and hiding in the hills as they have done before, this time they are standing to fight.  To the death…

Meet: Saturday 9th, 2:30 pm  @ the South East corner of Hindmarsh Square


  • Ensure you arrive at the event on time, account for time parking etc.
  • Dress up; Ninjas wear black pants and top and black t shirt for mask.  Pirates wear pirate hats, eye patches, and your meanest pirate snarls
  • Bring PLASTIC swords if you can.  STRICTLY NO real weapons or even anything that looks real.
  • Full details here


If you know anyone whos not doing much on Saturday then rope them in to come along.  The more people we get the better the atmosphere will be, the better the video will look and the more Adelaide shoppers we’ll totally freak out!

Ninja Raid On Adelaide

On Saturday 24th of May , The largest group of Ninjas ever seen will descend upon Rundle Mall!

Where: South East Corner Of Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide
When: 2:30pm Saturday 24th May

  • Wear Black Clothes
  • Bring a Black T-Shirt (for headgear)
  • *optional* A plastic toy weapon (Do not bring anything real or that looks real)

The more Ninjas, the more fun so:

  • Invite your friends on Facebook and MySpace to the events
  • Tell all your Ninja friends
  • Print off this poster and put it up at your school, uni, workplace, club, temple or dojo
  • Ninja Raid Poster
  • Print out these flyers and give them out to your friends (you can use microsoft photo printing wizard to print them off, 9 per page)
    Ninja Raid Flyer

Look at the photo below for how to turn a t-shirt into Ninja head gear:

Ninja Instructions

To ensure this is the biggest ninja run ever we will be putting up a lot of posters and handing out a ton of flyers.

The plan will consist of:

  1. Meet at 2:30 for brief Ninja training and instructions
  2. We will be storming adelaide in a large group with several mini Ninja events down and around the mall.
  3. Just before 4:00 we will have a Ninja photoshoot around the Mall’s Balls.

Ninja Raid on Adelaide

*This is not a flash mob but a related event promoted and hosted by the AFM*

After the success of our Ninja Recuitment Run we have decided to have a Ninja Raid on Adelaide, hosted by the AFM. The event will involve everyone dressing up as ninja’s and have several ninja events finishing with a ninja photoshoot. Ninja attire is mostly black with a black t-shirt fashioned into a Ninja head piece like this.

We are going to do some extensive promoting of this event with flyers and posters and are expecting to get alot of people to come along. Help us out by putting up posters at your work/school/uni/fridge and of course bringing all your friends along.


No Pants 2k8- Adelaide

This is a Flash Mob Related Event hosted by the Adelaide Flash Mob. The idea basically consists of riding the train without any pants (but with underwear) and keeping completely deadpan about it.


1) Willing to take pants off on train
2) Able to keep a straight face about it

The idea was invented by world class improv trickster group Imrpov Everywhere. Improv Everywhere are based in New York and have been running the no pants events every year since 2002. This year they have invited people to organise similar no pants events in other cities to occur on the same day as the New York event (through the help of Facebook) They already have 4 other cities involved, but Adelaide will be the first outside of America.

The specific details are yet to be decided but the general idea is this:
-Participants meet in the city ready to go
-Participants all board a train (or tram), in the same carriage, heading out of the city
-In between the city and stop 1, the first person takes off their pants and throws them to a designated pants collector.
-Then at stop 1 that person leaves the carriage and enters another carriage
-In between stop 1 and 2 the next person takes off their pants and throws them to the pants collector
-At stop 2, that person leaves the carriage and enters the other carriage with the 1st person
-This continues until all participants are together, pantless, in the same carriage.
-At the next stop, the pants collector enters the 2nd carriage yelling… PANTS! $2, GET YOUR PANTS HERE! and all pantless riders buy back their pants and put them back on.
-Throughout the trip participants pretend not to know each other and if asked why they aren’t wearing any pants they reply with something like… ‘I was in such a hurry this morning, I guess I just forgot to put them on.’
-Repeat everything on the trip back into town

We are still trying to figure out which train/tram to do it on to have the best effect.

According to the Adelaide Metro website the trains that run on Saturday are:
-Belair Train
-Gawler Train
-Grange Train
-Noarlunga Train
-Outer Harbour Train
-Glenelg Tram

I don’t use trains very much personally, does anyone know a busy train/tram on a Saturday?

If you want to get involved then either join the event on Facebook download thin line between love and hate a dvdrip

meet the robinsons online

or email us at

We also need a couple of people to help execute the mission who don’t need to de-pants so if your interested in helping with that let us know.


watch no man s land the rise of reeker in divx

Ninjas vs Pirates, The Battle for Adelaide: Event Report

Temporary Treaty

I, The Pirate King and I, Red Ninja, agree (mostly) that the facts below are true and agree that ourselves and our armies will be bound by this treaty under penalty of death.

No Pirate or Ninja will engage in battle until this new threat to both our survivals is dealt with.  Both our races have been so preocupied with their etternal struggle for power that the Zombies have been all but forgotton and have been able to create a massive army capable of destoying both the Ninjas and the Pirates if we fight them alone.  Only by working together will we have a chance of surviving.

Once the Zombie threat is neutralised we will return to opposite sides of the battle field and resume our endless battle. land before time the download


Pirate King: X Arrrrr

Red Ninja: X

Thanks to all those Ninjas and Pirates (and Zombies) who braved the cold and rain and came out for our event on Saturday.  Despite the fewer numbers, I think that those who came along were the most dedicated anyway and we made quite an impression the Adelaide Shoppers.  A full report and the video will be up in the next couple of weeks, until then please give us some comments (below) on the event.


If you have any photos or short videos from the event then please share them with us.  If you’re on facebook then simply create an album and provide us with the link.  Otherwise you can either email them to adelflashmob(at)hotmail(dot)com or upload them to flickr and tag them with “nvp.”

Shaun Talbot’s Photos:

Ninjas vs Pirates #1 Facebook Album

Ninjas vs Pirates #2 Facebook Album


A number of people have had trouble joining our group because it wasn’t global so we’ve created a new group that everyone can join.  We’re now migrating the two groups to get everyone in the same place so please head on over to the new group and join up.

download hell ride dvd

Mob Report: AFM#1: Look Up!

This post is a report of how our first mob went. Check out the photos and videos, read the report and leave a comment at the bottom if you wish.

Video: Ken Kimber & Dom Legg
Photos: Tudor Taylor, Kirby Crawford, Kay Walker, Steve Thomas (so far)

Here is the email that was sent out on Friday 19 Oct 2007:

G’day Mobbers,

The time is almost upon us.

In order for our mob to be as unexpected as possible to our ‘audience,’ the specific details of the action to take place will be kept under wraps until tomorrow. This email contains instructions for you to follow to obtain those specific details, so listen in.

There are a couple of things we need to do first. Everyone needs to read these guidelines that we have created to ensure the mob works properly. If you have guests coming, you need to inform them of the guidelines also.

This mob isn’t entirely dependent on time cues, but it does help to have everyone on the same clock, so please visit this website and set your time piece to the local Australia/ Adelaide time.


General Location: Rundle Mall
Approx. duration: 6 mins

To get the rest of the details you need to come to the fountain outside of the museum on North Terrace and find a man wearing a green t-shirt, green shorts and carrying a green clip board and say: “Good morning Mr. Penguin.” He will hand you a piece of paper, you need to move away, read the instructions and follow them.

Mr. Penguin will only be at the fountain between 11:10 am and 11:40 am so you must come within those times.

It looks like its going to be great weather tomorrow, so we hope to see you all there.

Remember the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!!!

Adelaide Flash Mob

These are the instructions that mobbers received after visiting Mr. Penguin outside the museum:

Mob #1: Look Up!

Duration: 5 minutes

Location: Rundle Mall, in front of Toys R Us building, near public phones.

By 11:50, mobbers should be casually blended into the area surrounding the Toys R Us building. Browse in the shops, sit on the chairs, look through the shop windows and make sure you have a clear view of the area around the public phones.

At 11:58, be on the look out for ‘Mr Penguin.’

At 12:00, Mr Penguin will walk along the mall, stop, look up towards the top of the Toys R Us building and appear transfixed by something up there.

At the cue of Mr Penguin looking up, mobbers need to start emerging from their positions, looking up and apparently seeing what he’s looking at and congregate around him.

The congregation should take place gradually over the space of a minute- like it would naturally happen if we were really looking at something. Mobbers need to start a commotion, looking, pointing, chattering… ‘Wow,’ ‘oh my,’ ‘what is it?,’ ‘its huge,’ ‘its tiny,’ ‘fantastic,’ etc.

At 12:01, all mobbers should be congregated and continuing the commotion.

At 12:04, Mr Penguin will silently put his hand down and walk away.

Over the next minute, mobbers should silently stop pointing and go back to what they were doing before hand; browsing shops etc, before leaving the area.

By 12:05, all mobbers should have blended back into the general shopping crowd.

By 12:15, all mobbers should have left the area completely.


Before the mobbing starts, don’t be afraid to spread out. There are a number of shops that you can look in while still being able to see the phone boxes.

If anyone asks you what you are looking at, try and answer with something like: ‘I don’t know, but its big,’ ‘No idea, but its scary,’ ‘That’s what I was wondering, what do you think?’ In other words, give them anything but a real answer.

While making the commotion, try and be as energetic and sincere as possible. Hopefully we’ll be able to draw a number of people from the general public into looking up as well, trying to figure out what we’re looking at.

Keep these instructions hidden and don’t throw them into a public bin. HAVE FUN!


Video also available here

Nick aka Mr. Penguin

The day started off great as it was nice and sunny and it looked like there would be plently of people in the mall by lunch time. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous for the time leading up to this mob, so I’m quite glad that it turned out so well. I’d like to say thanks to all those who turned up, and to those who didn’t, I hope you can make it to the next one. Judging by the number of instruction sets I gave out I’m estimating there was between 25-30 mobbers who took part in AFM#1: Look Up!

One thing that I personally enjoyed, which other people didn’t experience, was giving out the instructions from my position on the bench, under the tree, near the fountain, outside the museum on North Terrace. The thing was that I really didn’t know who was involved so I looked upon every passer by as a potential mobber. As soon as someone entered my field of vision I would sneakily look at them and try and work out if they were walking to me or just past me. I also happened to be sitting next to a bin, so there was a number of people who were simply heading over to put something in it and probably wondered why I was peering at them with a stupid grin on my face.

Memorable momments:

-When we first arrived at the fountain there was a girl sitting on one of the benches already who grinned to herself as we approached. Dom said ‘I bet shes on of them,’ I wasn’t so sure, but low and behold she came over shortly after and collected her instructions.

-At one point a girl came and sat right next to me on the bench but didn’t say anything. She was messing with her phone, it looked like she was ‘pretending’ to check her messages. Shortly after she said, “oh screw it, good morning Mr Penguin,” so I gave her the instructions and she left.

For the mob itself I approached the designated spot from the Rundle Street end of Rundle mall and timed it so I got there alomst exactly on 12 noon. I pretended to stretch as I reached the Toys R Us building then started looking up. There was a short time while I stood there looking up, pointing and talking loudly, before anyone else got there but it felt like a lifetime. A small thought started growing in my head that perhaps I had got the time wrong and no one was coming and that I was just making a complete fool of myself, but then I heard some loud shouts and suddenly people started appearing from everywhere.

Since I was the first to arrive and leave as well as being at the front of the group, I didn’t really get to see much of the mob first hand. Luckily the video and photos were great and I talked to some people to get a feel for how it all went.

Memorable moments:

-Someone shouted out “hes gonna jump,” which evoked a big response from passers by.

-There was a shop keeper who happened to be giving out free samples of something right behind the mob and he loudly exclaimed, “this is great for business!”

-The cops showed up shortly after, presumably to break up the large group of people causing a commotion but of course we were long gone by then.

-A number of mobbers took out their cameras and phones to take photos of the top of the building which made it look much more authentic- nice thinking guys.

All in all it was a great mob, great fun to organise and great fun to participate in.

If you would like to be involved in future mobs by the Adelaide Flash mob then please join us, the more people we can get, the better. If you are on FaceBook you can join our group, find it by searching for ‘Adelaide Flash Mob.’ If you don’t have FaceBook then you can join our mailing list by sending a blank email to adelflashmob (AT) hotmail (DOT) com with the words ‘let me in,’ in the subject line.

If you would like to contribute something to this write up then you are most welcome. It would be great to see the event through someone else’s eyes. You can leave it in the comments section below or email to us on the address above.

See you at the next mob!


AFM#7: The Sign: Event Report

We had our 7th flash mob event on Friday evening (June 6th). We thought it was important to have a good flash mob event to follow our successful Nina Raid and I think this one delivered nicely. There were a few problems with late camermen, late instructions and the crazed emo hangout where we decided to meet but we got started eventually and the mall was packed full of unsuspecting and unwilling spectators.

The mobs we did this time were: buy rocaltrol

  • Forensic Key Search
  • Tag Freeze
  • Heavy x 2
  • The Sign x5

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. The first video contains The Forensic Key Search, Tag Freeze and Heavy while the second one has The Sign. Enjoy!


(also available on youtube long goodbye the download )


(also available on youtube)

Alex (Red Ninja) and I (Mr Penguin) also did a quick interview on Radio Adelaide’s ‘The Range ‘ on Friday to promote the Mob and the release of our Ninja Video on Sunday.  We’d like to say thankyou to Cassie Egan and Jonathan Brown for having us on their show


AFM#4- Fast Fringe Flashes

(Updated: Saturday 1st March)

Date: Sunday March 2nd

Meeting: Hindmarsh Square

Time: 3 pm

We wanted to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to come to a Mob and we also wanted to make sure that we took full advantage of the Fringe crowds so we’ve decided to do a mob each weekend left in the Fringe, starting with Sunday March 2nd.

AFM#4: A: Sunday March 2nd

This mob will actually consist of 3 or 4 smaller mobs to be done within 10 mins of each other. The mobs will be simple, loud, fun and effective and we will have a film crew in place to catch all the action.

We are meeting up at the South West corner of Hindmarsh square at 3:00pm where we will hand out specific written instructions. Look for Mr Penguin wearing black shorts and a white polo shirt and Miss Kitty wearing a purple scarf.

As I said, full details will be distributed on the day, but I can tell you that it involves a Flash Worship. Its the international buskers festival so there should be tons of people in town to witness us. Please invite everyone you know because the more people we get the better it will be.

Please also read up on our Mobbing guidelines

to make the event as successful as possible.

One more thing, this mob is time specific so please syncronise your watches (phones) to the local adelaide time at this website. elegy divx

We’ve created events for both MySpace and Facebook where you can check out the updated details as the come available. If you don’t have either of those social networking programs then keep an eye on the website as we will be posting all the details here.

-Nickdivx dragon hunters

Upcoming Event- AFM#6

Our next event is coming up this sunday, details below.

Date: Sunday April 27th

Time: 1-2pm

Meeting: Group to meet up with Mr Penguin in Stephen’s Ave (next to the Myer Center, near the carpark entrance). Updated due to possible rain conditions. He will be there from 12:45 pm.

Continue reading

AFM Does MySpace

The Adelaide Flash Mob now has a presence on MySpace. While Facebook is quite large and useful for organising events, MySpace is even bigger and we are missing out on reaching a significant number of people who are loyal to MySpace so we have decided to create this group because the more people we get for our Flash Mobs, the better they will be.

If you are a MySpace user yourself or you know people who are then please invite them to the group.