Belle – December 19th, 2010

Date: December, 19th
Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Meeting Point: Clubs Assosiation on Adelaide University Campus, Lady Symons Building

The main cast has already been organised, however we still need plenty of people to get involved in the chorus/ensemble. We’ll be teaching everyone these parts on the day, so you don’t need to rehearse. We’d still suggest you check out the song that we’re doing though, just so you’re familiar with it. Check out the YouTube clip below:


For those of you who are not aware of “BITS” This is how it works. Imaginge that you are in a musical, people bustling about you in Rundle Mall, chatting, laughing, then something happens. Music starts, suddenly everyone seems to know the words and dance steps. People dance and sing and then, as the song ends, they disperse back into the crowd as if nothing happened.

FlashMobs all over the world have been running BITS for a while now. Adelaide has had two successful ones ‘kiss the girl’ and ‘wicked’, the videos of both can be found on youtube.

However we need people to learn the song, come along and learn the choerography (both relativly simple so anyone can do it.) Without people, we cannot make this happen.

There will be more details on the day.

Please take a look/listen to the song that we are doing. It is ‘little town’ or ‘belle’ from Beauty and the Beast, the very first song of the whole movie.

Hope to see you there, if you have questions feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email at