Burst into Song & Dance

Burst into Song and Dance, BitSaD for short, are flashmob-like events where a group of people come together and perform a dance and/or song in public, unannounced and then quickly disperse. Similar events have been performed all over the world with many of them going viral on YouTube. Many of the most popular events were done for commercial purposes with paid professional dancers and singers and significant budgets. Our BitSaD events are non profit, non commercial, organised and performed by volunteers and open to anyone who wants to get involved.

Our Past BitSaD events:

Adelaide Airport Flashmob Dance, 2012

Event report and video.

Kiss the Girl, 2009

Event Report


Little Town, 2010

Event Report

No video for this one I’m afraid.

Some of our favourite BitSaD events from around the world:

Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

Food Court Musical (Los Angeles)

The T-Mobile Dance (London)

Say Cheese! (Sydney)

BouncE Flash Mob @ Gröna Lund (Sweden)

Flash Mob Dance off in Rundle Mall (Adelaide) (not done by Adelaide Flashmob)