Hello World… Again

Hello everyone once again.

My name is Nick and I have been brought on as an editor/ updater of the website. The reason that the site has been somewhat neglected of late is because myndphunkie (the administrator) and I have been quite busy. The Adelaide Flash Mob, however, has not been dormant during this time. First I should explain how this group and website came about.

In around September of 2007, I was browsing youtube and I came across a funny video consisting of about 100 people chasing one person down an alley way. The video was called ‘100 person Flash Mob

,’ and it prompted me do some searching to discover what Flash Mobbing was about. I became very interested, amused and excited about Flash Mobs and decided to found the Adelaide Flash Mob Group on Facebook to organise Flash Mobs in our wonderful city. I also created a group blog on blogger. I wanted to make sure that our blog was easy to find so I checked our google ranking by typing in Adelaide Flash Mob, and sure enough we were right near the top. A few days letter I checked again to see if we had made top spot and to my surprise there was another website there… www.adelaideflashmob.com (this site). Adelaide is years behind the Flash Mob craze yet both me and myndphunkie decided to start organsing them in Adelaide at almost the exact same time. Rather than competing with each other (which would have been pointless) we decided to combine out efforts and thats why we are now united as one group; the Adelaide Flash Mob.

Keep an eye on the website as I will be bringing it up to date with everything that has been going on with the Adelaide Flash Mob since its inception. In the meantime, check out our Facebook Group sandlot the free download .