Ideas 2

Following on from our other ideas post we’d like to get some more feedback on what mobs people want to do. Check back to our first 13 ideas and let us know if theres any there which we haven’t done yet but you’d still like to do, if you have any new ideas of your own post them in the comments as well.

#7: Improv Everywhere: This was a popular idea and we’d like to know which IE mission you are most interested in…

7.1: Frozen Event: Everybody freezes in a public space for about 5 mins: Youtube Video, IE Report, Global Freeze Events

7.2: Random Musical: Bunch of seamingly random people break out into song in a public place: Youtube Video, IE Report

7.3: Time Loop: Bunch of people repeat a bunch of actions over and over: Youtube Video, IE Report

7.4: Un-Employees : Everybody dresses similar to the employees of a shop then all go there and confuse everybody: IE Report

7.4: MP3 Actions: We make and MP3 with a bunch of instructions on it and everyone dowloads it, puts it on their mp3 player and presses play at the same time (IE have done this a number of times): Youtube Video

speed download

, IE Report

Many more ideas after the jump.

#14: Be Free: how about lots of people go to kfc, order the popcorn chicken, throw it in the air and scream, “be free”

#15: Collective Buying : We should choose a bunnings and everybody buys only 1 screw, lug nut, nail etc and then pays with a $50 note

#16: RickMob: Following the recent RickRolling Internet craze. They live Rickrolled the Liverpool Street tube station and are estimating they got around 1000 people participating. Youtube Video, Original Facebook Event.

#17: Random Dancing: Hokey Pokey and Turn Around Rundle Mall, The chicken dance.

#18: Loop: Loop around the david jones escalator.

#19: Stop : Go somewhere where a lot of people have to exit from, and all hold our hands with the stop geasture for a minute. One person starts, and everybody cascades the stop.

Variation on Stop: it might be funny to get somesone with one of those sign that construction workers have with ‘stop’ on one side and ‘slow’ on the other and stand with it in a busy pedestrian area. Mobbers approach and stop as the sign says.

#20: Mouse

: everybody goes into the myer food court and finds a seat, one person yells out mouse and everybody scrambles to jump up onto their chairs and reacts to an imaginary mouse (could also have someone dressed in a mouse costume)

#21: Simon Does: i like the idea of everyone copying someone at the same time. I thought it might be interesting to everyone to bring/ buy a newspaper and then we all sit down in a particular area like a coffee shop or something and copy the actions of one person. The newspaper would make a good prop and would produce some interesting sounds with everyone doing it at the same time.

#22: Traiter: The flash mobbers all group around somewhere, one of the mobbers walk by and then someone goes, “OI ITS HIM” and then all the mobbers take chase.

#23: Metal Head: First we need to contact that guy whos always walking down Rundle Mall very fast and listening to heavy metal, then, as long as its ok with him we incorporate him into a mob such as everyone follows him and sings along to the music like him.

#24: The Enormous Turnip: Based on that children’s picture book. Someone either gets stuck somewhere and can’t pull themselves free or finds something on the ground, in a crack (like a turnip) and can’t pull it up so they enlist the help of a passerby to help out. They still can’t do it so they get someone else and so on until theres a long line of people, each person pulling the person in front of them.

#25: Towel Day or Carrotty Paniccy Buy…: Do something for one of these upcoming events.

#26: Dance Off/Battle: This one would require some forward planning. Basically we plant two ‘buskers’ near each other in Rundle Mall each doing something song and dance related. We have them get more and more annoyed at each other for steeling spectators and getting in each others way until they decide to have a Dance Off/ Dance Battle to settle the arguments. This would probably have to be pre-rehersed and choreographed, but then the rest of the mobbers come in and take sides and cheer on their respective side.

#27: Lip Dub Mob: Do a preplanned Lip Dub in a public place, film it and put it on the net. Lip Dubbing is another internet craze, check it out.

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