Newspaper Mama – 11th February, 2011

Date: Friday, 11th February
Time: 6:30pm
Meeting Place: Hindmarsh Square

Yep, nothing like a last minute Flashmob! Woohoo! Here comes fun 😀 We’ve themed this flashmob ‘Newspaper Mama’ and as tempting as it would be to have a Peter Coombe themed flashmob, it’s actually about Newspapers.
What to bring:
  • – A newspaper.
  • – A sense of humour.
As usual, we’ll meet first at Hindmarsh Square to run through what we’re going to be doing for the evening. Then we’ll head to Rundle Mall for the rest of the evening!
SPY EYES (Fountain, Malls balls, Canopy)
The instructions: cut two large holes out of the middle of the newspaper, enough to see out of. We’ll be standing in different locations as if we’re super-spies, trying to play it cool by pretending we’re reading the paper, but really we can see through the newspaper. As people walk past, we’ll turn our papers to follow them. Burn Notice never had moves like these.
The effect: People walking past will be walking past a line/group of people reading newspapers. On closer insepction, they’ll also see that they can see people’s eyes through the paper too.
A ghosting with a difference. Yeah, we love to ghost people, we do it a lot. This time, we’re doing it with newspapers. With our specially modified ‘spy-eyes’ newspapers, we’ll be following unsuspecting people as they walk through Rundle Mall. If they turn around and see us, quickly put your newspaper away and disperse as if nothing happened.
The effect: As with all ghosts, the best effect is that people will see a stream of people following someone.
SWARM (3 people)
We’ll pick a person standing around/sitting at a bench in Rundle Mall and gradually swarm around them – try to be as stealthy and as quiet as possible so they don’t notice us. Once we’re all gathered, we’ll all pull out our newspapers and face the person. Just pretend to read the paper, rustle the pages a bit, talk to the people about articles. We’ll do this for about 15 seconds, then put our newspapers away and walk away
The effect: From standing quietly by themselves, the targetted person/group will suddenly have a loud group of newspaper readers surrounding them, and almost as quickly as it started, it will suddenly stop.
Make a Pirate hat with your newspaper, and head to the City Cross Arcade for food! If you see someone else wearing a newspaper pirate hat, you have to raise your fist and exclaim “yarr!”
The effect: joyous celebration of a great night out!