Ninja Raid On Adelaide

On Saturday 24th of May , The largest group of Ninjas ever seen will descend upon Rundle Mall!

Where: South East Corner Of Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide
When: 2:30pm Saturday 24th May

  • Wear Black Clothes
  • Bring a Black T-Shirt (for headgear)
  • *optional* A plastic toy weapon (Do not bring anything real or that looks real)

The more Ninjas, the more fun so:

  • Invite your friends on Facebook and MySpace to the events
  • Tell all your Ninja friends
  • Print off this poster and put it up at your school, uni, workplace, club, temple or dojo
  • Ninja Raid Poster
  • Print out these flyers and give them out to your friends (you can use microsoft photo printing wizard to print them off, 9 per page)
    Ninja Raid Flyer

Look at the photo below for how to turn a t-shirt into Ninja head gear:

Ninja Instructions

To ensure this is the biggest ninja run ever we will be putting up a lot of posters and handing out a ton of flyers.

The plan will consist of:

  1. Meet at 2:30 for brief Ninja training and instructions
  2. We will be storming adelaide in a large group with several mini Ninja events down and around the mall.
  3. Just before 4:00 we will have a Ninja photoshoot around the Mall’s Balls.