Ninja Raid on Adelaide 2009

On Sunday 1st of March, The largest group of Ninjas ever seen will descend upon Rundle Mall!

Where: South East Corner Of Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide
When: 2:30pm Sunday 1st of March

  • Wear Black Clothes
  • Bring a Black T-Shirt (for headgear)

(more details in the second half of this post)

The Story so Far…

How it Started

The Ninjas, once feared warriors, had been losing their edge for years as they waged territorial battles amongst themselves and paid little attention to protecting their borders from foreign sea dogs. They had lost their reputation as the unseen killers, black as death, and allowed pirates to stumble the streets of Adelaide drunk and unchecked.

In early 2008 the Pirate Prince docked at Port Adelaide unchallenged and declared the city his. Many of the older Ninjas were upset that the borders they had fought so hard to secure had been lost so easily but they were powerless against the young and fearless pirate hordes.

There was one Ninja who had not forgotton the old ways and was not about to let his home city fall. He was a young and calculating warrior called Red Ninja and he united the many tribes to come out of the shadows and show their strength in the Ninja Raid on Adelaide. Red Ninja was a natural leader and a good general too. Fighting under him, the Ninjas found a sense of pride once again and fought on until they had retaken the city and captured the Pirate Prince.

[event report and video]

(several months passed)

News of his son’s capture reaches the Pirate King far across the seven seas. He is furious that his son could be so careless but outraged that the Ninjas perpetrated such a brazen and personal attack.

The King loves his son, but he loves his pride even more. He is calling for all factions of the Pirate empire to unite behind his flag, retake the city, and squash out the Ninjas for good.

He is offering 12 chests of gold for the one who rescues his son and delivers the Red Ninjas head on a platter.

Meanwhile, his success in battle has been kind to Red Ninja. He is now no longer a warrior but a Ninja Lord with the allegiance and respect of thousands. He has got wind of the Pirates’ plan and has sent messages to all corners of the land for Ninjas to be ready to fight their sworn enemies, the Pirates, in a conflict to end all conflicts, The Battle for Adelaide.

    [event report]

    (a short time passes and a treaty is hastily drawn up…)

    Temporary Treaty

    I, The Pirate King and I, Red Ninja, agree (mostly) that the facts below are true and agree that ourselves and our armies will be bound by this treaty under penalty of death.

    No Pirate or Ninja will engage in battle until this new threat to both our survivals is dealt with.  Both our races have been so preocupied with their etternal struggle for power that the Zombies have been all but forgotton and have been able to create a massive army capable of destoying both the Ninjas and the Pirates if we fight them alone.  Only by working together will we have a chance of surviving.

    Once the Zombie threat is neutralised we will return to opposite sides of the battle field and resume our endless battle.


    download saw v divx

    Pirate King: X Arrrrr

    Red Ninja: X

    (around October 2007)

    Despite the best efforts of both the Pirates and the Ninjas, the Zombies managed to walk the city, undead and unhindered.  The cowardly Pirate army quickly leapt to their ships and sailed away leaving the Ninjas to fend for themselves.  Many great warriors were killed that night but the Zombies were eventually banished from the land of the living once more.

    (fast forward to the present)

    Now that the pirates have deserted us and the Zombie threat has been neutralised, its time to reveal our full strength.  For one day we shall not move like shadows, we shall not remain invisable.  We will show our full strength and prove the Adelaide is ours!