Ninjas vs Pirates, The Battle for Adelaide: Event Report

Temporary Treaty

I, The Pirate King and I, Red Ninja, agree (mostly) that the facts below are true and agree that ourselves and our armies will be bound by this treaty under penalty of death.

No Pirate or Ninja will engage in battle until this new threat to both our survivals is dealt with.  Both our races have been so preocupied with their etternal struggle for power that the Zombies have been all but forgotton and have been able to create a massive army capable of destoying both the Ninjas and the Pirates if we fight them alone.  Only by working together will we have a chance of surviving.

Once the Zombie threat is neutralised we will return to opposite sides of the battle field and resume our endless battle. land before time the download


Pirate King: X Arrrrr

Red Ninja: X

Thanks to all those Ninjas and Pirates (and Zombies) who braved the cold and rain and came out for our event on Saturday.  Despite the fewer numbers, I think that those who came along were the most dedicated anyway and we made quite an impression the Adelaide Shoppers.  A full report and the video will be up in the next couple of weeks, until then please give us some comments (below) on the event.


If you have any photos or short videos from the event then please share them with us.  If you’re on facebook then simply create an album and provide us with the link.  Otherwise you can either email them to adelflashmob(at)hotmail(dot)com or upload them to flickr and tag them with “nvp.”

Shaun Talbot’s Photos:

Ninjas vs Pirates #1 Facebook Album

Ninjas vs Pirates #2 Facebook Album


A number of people have had trouble joining our group because it wasn’t global so we’ve created a new group that everyone can join.  We’re now migrating the two groups to get everyone in the same place so please head on over to the new group and join up.

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