Ninjas vs Pirates, The Battle for Adelaide: The Calm Before The Storm

With less than two days to go before the final battle of the epic power struggle between Ninjas and Pirates hits the streets of Adelaide, its time to ready yourselves for war.  Parrot spies have delivered the location of the Pirate Prince to his father the King and he has locked himself in his cabin, planning his strike.  The Ninjas know that the Pirates are preparing to attack but they aren’t scuttling away and hiding in the hills as they have done before, this time they are standing to fight.  To the death…

Meet: Saturday 9th, 2:30 pm  @ the South East corner of Hindmarsh Square


  • Ensure you arrive at the event on time, account for time parking etc.
  • Dress up; Ninjas wear black pants and top and black t shirt for mask.  Pirates wear pirate hats, eye patches, and your meanest pirate snarls
  • Bring PLASTIC swords if you can.  STRICTLY NO real weapons or even anything that looks real.
  • Full details here


If you know anyone whos not doing much on Saturday then rope them in to come along.  The more people we get the better the atmosphere will be, the better the video will look and the more Adelaide shoppers we’ll totally freak out!