No Pants 2k8- Adelaide

This is a Flash Mob Related Event hosted by the Adelaide Flash Mob. The idea basically consists of riding the train without any pants (but with underwear) and keeping completely deadpan about it.


1) Willing to take pants off on train
2) Able to keep a straight face about it

The idea was invented by world class improv trickster group Imrpov Everywhere. Improv Everywhere are based in New York and have been running the no pants events every year since 2002. This year they have invited people to organise similar no pants events in other cities to occur on the same day as the New York event (through the help of Facebook) They already have 4 other cities involved, but Adelaide will be the first outside of America.

The specific details are yet to be decided but the general idea is this:
-Participants meet in the city ready to go
-Participants all board a train (or tram), in the same carriage, heading out of the city
-In between the city and stop 1, the first person takes off their pants and throws them to a designated pants collector.
-Then at stop 1 that person leaves the carriage and enters another carriage
-In between stop 1 and 2 the next person takes off their pants and throws them to the pants collector
-At stop 2, that person leaves the carriage and enters the other carriage with the 1st person
-This continues until all participants are together, pantless, in the same carriage.
-At the next stop, the pants collector enters the 2nd carriage yelling… PANTS! $2, GET YOUR PANTS HERE! and all pantless riders buy back their pants and put them back on.
-Throughout the trip participants pretend not to know each other and if asked why they aren’t wearing any pants they reply with something like… ‘I was in such a hurry this morning, I guess I just forgot to put them on.’
-Repeat everything on the trip back into town

We are still trying to figure out which train/tram to do it on to have the best effect.

According to the Adelaide Metro website the trains that run on Saturday are:
-Belair Train
-Gawler Train
-Grange Train
-Noarlunga Train
-Outer Harbour Train
-Glenelg Tram

I don’t use trains very much personally, does anyone know a busy train/tram on a Saturday?

If you want to get involved then either join the event on Facebook download thin line between love and hate a dvdrip

meet the robinsons online

or email us at

We also need a couple of people to help execute the mission who don’t need to de-pants so if your interested in helping with that let us know.


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