No Pants Tram Ride 2015

While the previous days weather may have acted as a deterrent for some, a determined group of pant-less pioneers assembled at midday on Sunday in Victoria Square. After gathering to confirm the plan of attack, we were on our way, confident and determined to make our fellow tram riders giggle.

No Pants Tram Ride 2015

Pants were removed by riders just prior to their assigned stops, with all kinds of ridiculousness breaking loose, as one participant – heavily engaged in conversation with a client who happened to be on the same tram, de-robed to the shocked and amused response of said client. “Are you are part time stripper?” he exclaimed; however the response was a simple smirk and ‘good bye’, as our pant-less hero exited through the tram doors.

The time for me to remove my pants neared and I was surprisingly a little nervous – what if it all went wrong? But off came the pants and I gracefully (well, as gracefully as someone like me can…) departed at Forestville. We waited for our next tram and our little group of three swapped stories of our experience thus far – with plenty of laughs.
Our next tram neared and we separated for the best effect. As we boarded, we saw fellow participants and the faces of curious onlookers. The journey continued towards Glenelg and as it did, one onlooker was particularly intrigued, and became frustrated – in a friendly way – when after asking a number of participants what was going on – to no avail. He suggested that perhaps we were too ‘ashamed’ of what we were doing to tell the truth, and then asked if he should take his pants of too – but for some reason he never actually did! Pulling onto jetty road, a good-natured tram conductor boarded and had a laugh, remembering no pants tram ride events from years passed that she herself has been apart of.

When departing at Glenelg, 2015’s event was immediately declared a success, with winners of a couple of fun awards selected – but it wasn’t over yet – we still had a return journey to tackle. An hour later we reconvened and elected two members of our party to collect pants on the way back – as part of the so-called ‘pants for peace’ initiative. This too was a great success, with laughs all round.

At Victoria Square, everyone went his or her separate ways, after a great day, looking forward to next year’s event!

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