No Pants Tram Ride Adelaide 2014

No Pants Tram Ride Adelaide 2014 (7th Year)

UPDATE: This event has now passed. See the photos on Facebook here. Find out how to be alerted of next year’s event here.

Its time again for the annual No Pants Tram Ride in Adelaide (this will be our 7th year in a row).

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No Pants Tram Ride Adelaide 2014

The basic idea is to ride the tram without pants and pretend that it is the most normal thing to do. When people see one person doing this they can easily pass them off as a crazy, but when more and more people enter the tram without pants, apparently unknown to each other, the reactions are just priceless.

This event is always great fun and with the hot weather its often more comfortable than wearing pants anyway.

If you’re interested in attending but unsure if you want to ride the tram without pants then we recommend boxers – they’re basically like shorts anyway.

If you’re a little more adventurous then go for briefs.

Please avoid revealing underwear as we’d like to keep this event fun and safe for participants and other tram riders.

Try and wear something that will create a good contrast between your upper and lower half, such as;

  • Suit
  • Work clothes
  • Motorbike jacket

There will be prizes for;

  • Best jocks and socks combo
  • Best upper half/lower half contrast

PLEASE NOTE: You should arrive at the meeting point with your pants ON. The de-pantsing happens during the event ;).

We will be meeting at Victoria Square opposite the tram stop at 12 midday.

Things to bring;

  • Metro card, multi trip or money for tram ticket
  • Bag or backpack to carry your pants after you take them off as well as your belongings as you won’t have pant pockets to put them in for most of the trip

You can be a part of the global activity by tweeting with the official hashtag #NPSR and @ImprovEvery when talking about Improv Everywhere

More about the event including videos and photos from previous years:

Join in and invite your friends at the Facebook event!


The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002.

Everyone in front of the tram