Bayside Zumba hits Rundle Mall

Congrats goes out to Bayside Zumba for pulling together a great flashmob event here in Adelaide. Rundle Mall was swamped by people dancing, chanting, clapping, cheering… it was pretty full on! As would be expected, a huge crowd watched as the spectacle happened!

Well done!

30 Seconds of Fame! AFM’s Fringe Mob

Its Fringe time again and the Adelaide Flashmob are gearing up for another event.

When: Friday March 11th 7pm (Facebook Event Coming Soon)

The Event: 30 Seconds of Fame

The Idea: Giving random people their time (brief) in the lime light.

Who: There will be something for everyone to do and plenty of room for creativity.

Whats Involved: We camp outside a predetermined shop and nominate a target ‘Celebrity’ as they enter.  While they’re inside we quickly set up the outside of the shop as if its a red carpet affair complete with Security, Media and screaming fans.  When the target exits we give them the full celebrity treatment: Security escort, cameras flashing away, fans screaming, gasping and asking for autographs and anything else you can think of to make the moment.  After 30 seconds is up we quickly pack up and disperse and prepare for the next target.

We hope everyone can really get into this event.  Get creative!  Raid your wardrobe for costumes and props.  Heres some ideas to get you started:


Usually we encourage photographers to be discreet when taking photos at our events but the opposite is true here.  The bigger the camera the better!  Flash photography is encouraged.  How about laminated press passes?


Security will need to look the part with black or grey suits… and maybe dark sunglasses too.


News reporter/ camera man teams encouraged, this could be your big scoop!  Newspaper reporters with notepads and pens.


Can you scream? We Want You!  Make lots of noise, ask for autographs, hold up signs ‘We Love You,’ take photos and video on your phones.

What are you planning? Discuss roles, costumes, props and other ideas in the comment below!

Spies spotted in Adelaide!

Last night, the Adelaide Flashmob visited Rundle Mall for a bit of covert spy action. The event called for the most elementary form of espionage camouflage – a simple newspaper. Take note, Burn Notice writers. With plenty of people in Rundle Mall, staying incognito was a little trickier than we had expected…

Instructions for the event can be seen at: Newspaper Mama – 11th February, 2011. More photos and comments can be found over at our Facebook Page.

Cheers to the City Messenger and 44 Adelaide for coming out and grabbing footage of the event!

Who Needs Pants? No Pants Tram Ride 2011

Superman, Sponge Bob, Astro Boy and Indiana Jones all made an apperance today at today’s No Pants Ride 2011. The Adelaide Flashmob were part of the first group of cities to take part in the global No Pants Subway Ride event run by Improv Everywhere. This annual event sees thousands of people worldwide on different forms of public transport taking of their pants and feeling the breeze! Thankfully, here in Adelaide the sun was out – a perfect day for a tram ride without pants.

At 12pm, the flashmobbers met up at Hindmarsh Square to run through the how things were going to work and to split into teams. After waiting for a few of the latecomers, we made our way to the Pirie STreet tram station for the first tram. Each of the teams were assigned a tram stop where they would get off, take their pants of and wait for the next tram. Communuters on the second tram watched on as more and more people entered the tram doors, without pants on. Continue reading

Burst Into Awesome!

Adelaide Flashmob: Burst Into Song and DanceWind and rain couldn’t keep us away from today’s Burst Into Song and Dance event.

For weeks, a core team of performers (headed up by the dangerous duo, Nicole and Dirk) have been practicing their roles for the Adelaide Flashmob’s own rendition of “Little Town” from the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Today, their hard work paid off as they were joined by a small band of extra flashmobbers for a brilliant performance that would draw in huge crowd of Christmas shoppers at Rundle Mall.

At 2:30pm, a lone singer stood in the Gawler Place canopy to sing a chorus of “Oh Holy Night.” Just as she hit her high note, she was rudely interrupted by the over-head speakers playing a completely different song.

As the song played, a young lady in a blue dress stepped out from the hustle and bustle of Sunday Christmas shoppers and launched into “Little Town.” As the song progressed, more and more of the ‘shoppers’ joined in with their parts until the single singer was joined by a full chorus line of singers and dancers! Everyone played their parts perfectly. Even the people who had only learnt the song two hours earlier, were spot on (for many of them, it was their first flashmob!).

As suddenly as the performance started, it ended.

The music ended, the flashmobbers dispersed, and the Sunday shoppers were once again entertained by the antics of the Adelaide Flashmob.

Burst Into Song This Sunday!

With just days to go, our next event is almost ready to go! We’ve been fortunate enough to get a bit of media coverage this time around with the great people at FiveAA and the City Messenger.

If you’d still like to get involved, please come along on the day and learn the chorus parts. It’s going to be pretty simple, and we’d love as many people as possible to join in.

Find out the full details of Sunday’s event by heading over to our Facebook Page or check out our previous post: Belle – December 19th, 2010.

As always, this is all in the spirit of fun and good times!

Look forward to seeing you there!

News from Maria Tran

Hey, just a quick update from our time with Maria Tran and her Quest for Jackie Chan. She’s been super busy with what seems like 101 different projects, but she’s going to be heading over to Hong Kong soon where she’ll hopefully meet Jackie Chan!

She’s also written a little bit about her time in Radelaide with us over at the Quest For Jackie Chan Blog:

I would like to send a major shout out to the Adelaide Flashmobbers who are so bold, innovative and daring in their approach and wish them all the best in continuing to inspire the world, connect with the next generation and engage with the world with more fun and excitement.

Cheers to you to, Maria. Your quest has inspired one of our best Flashmob events yet!