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30 Seconds of Fame! AFM’s Fringe Mob

Its Fringe time again and the Adelaide Flashmob are gearing up for another event.

When: Friday March 11th 7pm (Facebook Event Coming Soon)

The Event: 30 Seconds of Fame

The Idea: Giving random people their time (brief) in the lime light.

Who: There will be something for everyone to do and plenty of room for creativity.

Whats Involved: We camp outside a predetermined shop and nominate a target ‘Celebrity’ as they enter.  While they’re inside we quickly set up the outside of the shop as if its a red carpet affair complete with Security, Media and screaming fans.  When the target exits we give them the full celebrity treatment: Security escort, cameras flashing away, fans screaming, gasping and asking for autographs and anything else you can think of to make the moment.  After 30 seconds is up we quickly pack up and disperse and prepare for the next target.

We hope everyone can really get into this event.  Get creative!  Raid your wardrobe for costumes and props.  Heres some ideas to get you started:


Usually we encourage photographers to be discreet when taking photos at our events but the opposite is true here.  The bigger the camera the better!  Flash photography is encouraged.  How about laminated press passes?


Security will need to look the part with black or grey suits… and maybe dark sunglasses too.


News reporter/ camera man teams encouraged, this could be your big scoop!  Newspaper reporters with notepads and pens.


Can you scream? We Want You!  Make lots of noise, ask for autographs, hold up signs ‘We Love You,’ take photos and video on your phones.

What are you planning? Discuss roles, costumes, props and other ideas in the comment below!