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Weird World of Sports – Featuring the Adelaide Flashmob!

Adelaide’s City Messenger have recently launched their Weird World of Sports video page, featuring different types of sport being played around Adelaide. Although, it might be a stretch to call what the Adelaide Flashmob does a ‘sport,’ we didn’t say no when the opportunity came up! They came out and took some footage of our Newspaper Mama event which was done in Rundle Mall, and added it to their Weird World of Sports roundup.

What’s even better is that they asked us (Ben Teoh and Nick Morris) to be part of their actual print article too! Check it out!

Ben Teoh and Nick Morris in Adelaide's City Messenger

Ben Teoh and Nick Morris in Adelaide's City Messenger

Head over to the City Messenger’s Weird World of Sports page to see the video footage and other cool stuff happening in Adelaide.

Spies spotted in Adelaide!

Last night, the Adelaide Flashmob visited Rundle Mall for a bit of covert spy action. The event called for the most elementary form of espionage camouflage – a simple newspaper. Take note, Burn Notice writers. With plenty of people in Rundle Mall, staying incognito was a little trickier than we had expected…

Instructions for the event can be seen at: Newspaper Mama – 11th February, 2011. More photos and comments can be found over at our Facebook Page.

Cheers to the City Messenger and 44 Adelaide for coming out and grabbing footage of the event!