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Quest for Jackie Chan – 11th September, 2010

To read up on what happened, check out the report: Quest for Jackie Chan – what a day!

The Quest for Jackie Chan is on, and the instructions are now available! Maria’s journey has already started and she’ll be in Adelaide this weekend. To get involved, just come along on the day with a Jackie Chan mask and a print out of the instructions. It’s going to be a blast, so bring your friends!

Read the instructions by hitting the ‘more’ button!
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Adelaide Flashmob #18

Stay tuned for further dates!

Adelaide Flasmob #18 will be held on Friday, 18th of June:

If you’d like to help, send Ben Teoh a message. Helpers will be needed for:
– Screaming group of girls
– Chicken feeder
You will need the following for the activities:
TIME: 6:15pm
LOCATION: Hindmarsh Square opposite the RAA (south-west corner)
Yeah, not much of an ‘activity’ as such, but it will be important that we all know what’s going on and coordinate ourselves for the other activities.
LOCATION: Pigs, Gawler Place Canopy, Mall’s Balls
WHO TO LOOK FOR: a screaming bunch of girls
Disperse loosley around the pigs. A group of girls will run up to a Target screaming like they’ve seen [insert your favourite celebrity here] and asking them for autographs. Everyone else is to then rush in with cameras blazing. After about 10 or so seconds, let the person pass through the mob and disperse, heading to the next locations (Gawler Place canopy and then Mall’s Balls). Hopefully we’ll get some great photos, but also cause a bit of a scene!
LOCATION: Charles Street side street (go down Charles Street and we’ll group up down the little side street that’s off Charles Street)
EXAMPLE: Watch from 1:30
We will gather at the side street, and as a group, we will gradually swap a Target. Once we’re all around the person, Ben will shout ‘look out’ and we will all drop to the ground IMMEDIATELY. Count to 5, then get up and disperse in all directions like nothing happened. Head back to the side street to start again. We will do this a number of times. We’ll decide to keep going or not back at the side street.
LOCATION: Front of Harris Scarfe’s
Someone will come along and start throwing bread on the ground saying ‘here chicky chick!’ after they’ve put a good number of handfuls, swarm in, clucking like chickens. Make plenty of noise, cluck at each other. A whistle will sound and everyone is to stop being a chicken and disperse quietly, heading off to City Cross for food!

Adelaide Flashmob #17

Thanks again for everyone who came out for AFM #17. What a great time! It’s been about 6 months since our last one, and I’m glad that everyone was still really into it. Thanks especially to Bryn, Leticha and Ben who all helped to lead different aspects of the mob. We couldn’t have done it without you! Continue reading

Adelaide Flashmob #16

What a great night! Thanks to everyone who came along to participate in the mob. Sorry about the late notice on the changes, but it was still a great night. If you missed it, you can click through for the instructions from the event. If you came along, please comment and let us know what you thought of it! Continue reading

BitS: Kiss the Girl: Event Report

What a great way to get our first Burst Into Song event off the ground. Thanks to everyone who participated on the day as well, we couldn’t have done it without you. The core team who put in all the hard effort of rehearsals, the coordinating team who organised the choreography and training, and also everyone who showed up on the day to be a part of the ensemble.

Just brilliant!


You’ll be able to find a few more videos over at our YouTube Channel

AFM#15: It Reads Better Upside Down: Event Report

Thanks to all those who made it out to AFM#15; ‘It Reads Better Upside Down’.  We were lucky enough to get great weather for this friday evening event and a rough estimate puts the numbers at around 80-100 making it our biggest flashmob to date.  If you didn’t make it out to this flashmob but are curious about the event, I suggest you check out the event instructions to find out what we did.

We will have a full event report and video up soon.  In the meantime we’d love to get your comments and feedback on how the event went.  Simply post them in the comments below.

We’d especially like to know:

  1. Any funny reactions you saw or got from passers by, employees or other non-mobbers
  2. Which mob activity you like the best and why
  3. Any activity/s you didn’t like and/or ways they could’ve been improved
  4. Any ideas for future flashmobs and events

Adelaide Flashmob #15: Event Instructions

Event Details

Date: Friday, 18 September 2009
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Location: Rundle Mall, Adelaide CBD


For this event we will be doing 4 activities along Rundle Mall.

Mob #1 : By 6pm (1800) you should be browsing the books, dvds and magazines in Borders (next to the malls balls) upside down. Each product that you are looking at should be physically taken off the shelf and held upside down. This will be a very subtle mob which many people won’t notice. But those who do will be WTF confused. When your watch/phone strikes 6:13pm, immediately put the product you are holding back, put your hands over your ears and quickly and quietly head for the door.

Mob#2: As you exit borders form a large circle around the malls balls so that you are around 10 m from it. Look out for other mobbers and try and fill the gaps to make it more or less a complete circle. Strike up a conversation with the mobber next to you and slowly raise the noise level. As the general noise level gets louder, slowly move forward, closing the circle around the balls but don’t go closer than 4 m. Once the noise level gets high enough a countdown will start… 20,19,18,17 etc… join in and make it really loud… 5,4,3,2,1… finish the countdown at 1 (one), INSTEAD of saying 0 (zero), quickly and silently disperse in different directions.

Mob #3: Start walking west (towards king william) along the mall, keeping to the left hand side. As you pass Harris Scarfe’s, crouch down and tie (pretend to tie) your shoe, get back up and contine walking. Walk 20 m or so past the end of Harris Scarfe then cross over to the opposite side of the mall, loop around and walk past Harris Scarfe’s again with another stop and shoe tie somewhere in front of the store. Repeat 3 more times (5 in total). Try and mix up the spot where you do your shoe tie on each loop and try not to get in the way of the doors too much. After you have finished your 5th pass, casually walk off towards the Myer Centre.

Mob#4: If your birthday is in an odd month (Jan, Mar, May etc) find a spot in the mall outside the Myer Centre and stand with both hands on your head. You don’t need to be frozen, just standing in the one spot with your hands on your head. Those of you who have your birthday in an even month (Feb, April, June etc) stand around watching, move in amongst those who are standing still as though they are exhibits in an art gallery. Once you have had a good look around, approach someone who still has both hands on their head and put them into another pose by physically arranging their arms and giving them quiet instructions. Once you are happy with the new pose, walk off. Those who are now posing; again you don’t need to be frozen, just generally still and holding your pose. Count to 100 and then casually walk off. Hopefully the split will be roughly even but if not, just accomodate by either setting the pose for more than one person or skip setting someone’s pose if no one is left.

The event ends here. However, if you want to meet up with other mobbers and discuss the event, head into the City Cross food court. Scratch all over as if you have fleas as you walk around the food court to identify yourself as a mobber. Find others doing likewise and gather together and find a place to sit.

Theres quite a lot to remember here so you might want to copy the instructions into a word document and print them out for your reference.

If you can’t make it to this event then please give us a hand and invite any friends who you think might be interested so we can get the numbers to make the mob a success.

AFM#14: CIBO! CIBO! CIBO! Event Report

For this event, we did four mob activities along Rundle Mall on Saturday August 1st 2009.

We did things a bit differently by giving out the instructions before the event while usually mobbers don’t get them until they show up on the day and receive a sheet of papper with the details. It seemed to work in getting more people out as this was our biggest flashmob event so far with around 50 people.

Check out the instructions for the event including details of each activity.  Watch the video below and read the comments from event participants.  Add your own comments.

Funny Video Moments

3:20– Guy in white jumper and blonde girl in pink top arrive after Chibo Cheers has finished and stand around waiting for something to happen…

3:55– Guy in black jumper with a coke walks by with a smile on his face

4:02– Two girls in red, apparently they weren’t part of the mob and just decided to join in.  At the end they said “why did we just do that?”

4:12– Tall, thin guy with light coloured clothing standing to the left of the girl with the camera, looking around interested

4:34– Girl in denim jacket and girl in brown jacket enter from the right and look on shocked.  They make another appearance at 4:55 (behind the pole) and are left standing confused once everyone disperses

Long time mobbers would recognise that 3/4 of the mobs we did were ones we’d done in the past so we had a good feeling that they would work.  The Line was no exception.  There’s something about a long line of people that just turns heads, and when you add that they guy at the front is holding a sign saying “please line up here” but with no explanation of why, people must stare while their minds search for an explanation.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Chibo Cheers was the best activity and the most fun to participate in.  As expected, the cheering and clapping quickly brought a crowd of onlookers.  It’s hard to say whether they were more confused by the subject of our commotion or the speed of our arrival and departure.

Our last two activities were more subtle both visually and audibly.  Some people in their own little worlds just walked on by without even noticing, those more observant stopped, realising that something wasn’t quite right.  I think Boing Boing would’ve been better if we had people look in different directions and stand not so much in a circle formation. Murmer worked pretty well, might have perhaps been better if we’d spread out a bit more.

To end the event, those who wanted to headed into City Cross for some food and a chat.  In order to identify themselves as mobbers they were instructed to put their left hand on their head and walk around until they met up with others doing likewise.  This wasn’t captured on the video but it was pretty funny and certainly confused the security guard on duty.


We love hearing about funny bystander reactions so if you can remember any or notice any good ones in the video, please put them in the comments.  Here’s some other questions we’d like to get your answers to.

  1. Which of the four activities did you think worked the best?
  2. Do you think the fact that we gave out the instructions before the event made it better or worse?
  3. Do you have any ideas for future events?
  4. Any other comments or suggestions?

Adelaide Flashmob #14

We’re trialing a new method for this flashmob.  Usually we keep the instructions secret until the day of the mob, but this time we’re giving them out beforehand.

Date: Saturday 1st of August

Time: 12:45pm- 2:00pm

Place: Rundle Mall (various spots)


We will be doing 3 or 4 mobs along Rundle Mall.

#1: By 12:45 you need to be “shopping” anywhere in the mall between Pultney St and the fountain outside Adelaide Arcade. Walk back and forth in that section keeping your eyes open. Mobber 1 will set down a sign reading “Please Line Up Here” somewhere in that section and stand behind it. Once you spot the sign and mobber 1, casually walk over and join the line. At a random moment mobber 1 will pick up the sign and walk away. Quickly and quietly disperse and head to the Cibo on Rundle Mall (near the Reject shop and fountain).

#2: You should be “shopping” and hanging around, looking natural, in the general vicinity of the Cibo tables and umbrellas on Rundle Mall, keeping an eye on the Cibo booth.  Once everyone is assembled Mobber 1 will approach the booth and start clapping when the next person receives their order.  As soon as this happens, everyone quickly come over and join in.  Clap and cheer then start a chant: CHIBO! CHIBO! CHIBO! etc.  When Mobber 1 ceases, silently melt back into the crowd (but stay in the area as we will be doing it again).  When the next person in the line receives their order, rush in and clap and cheer before starting the chant.  Try and make it twice is big and loud as before.  When Mobber 1 ceases, quickly and quietly disperse and head to the Gawler Place canopy in Rundle Mall.

#3: (Note: We did this activity at our last event and it worked quite well.  With these additional instructions and more people we think it will be even better.)  You should be “shopping” and looking natural, in the general vicinity of the Gawler Place Canopy in Rundle Mall, keeping and eye out for the action to start.  Mobber 1 will walk to the centre of the under-cover area (or nearby if there is a street performer there) and start bobbing up and down saying “Boing! Boing! Boing!” etc.  Stand and watch for 30 seconds or more before gradually joining in.  Find your own space in the general area, look in a random direction and start bobbing and boinging yourself.  Try and keep OUT OF TIME of those around you.  Mobber 1 will stop at a random moment.  When you become aware that Mobber 1 and others have stopped, complete your current bob then quickly and quietly disperse in different directions and head to the pigs outside the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall.

#4: As soon as you arrive at the pigs start forming circles of people around stationary objects and monuments in the area, starting with the thin tree next to the pigs.  Once an object is fully encircled start swaying and murmering as a group while staring at the object.  Use the whole area outside the Myer Centre, avoid monuments right next to each other if possible to prevent clutter.  When the group around the thin tree breaks, disperse quickly and quietly in different directions.

The event ends here.  If you’d like to meet up with other mobbers, have some food and discuss the event, head into the City Cross food court.  Get some food and/or place your left hand on your head and walk around until you see others doing likewise, congregate in a group and find a place to sit.

In order to make this event successful we need as many people as possible. It would be greatly appreciated if you could invite all your friends to help us achieve this goal.