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Flashmob, flashmob, flashmob – news about flashmobs!

Weird World of Sports – Featuring the Adelaide Flashmob!

Adelaide’s City Messenger have recently launched their Weird World of Sports video page, featuring different types of sport being played around Adelaide. Although, it might be a stretch to call what the Adelaide Flashmob does a ‘sport,’ we didn’t say no when the opportunity came up! They came out and took some footage of our Newspaper Mama event which was done in Rundle Mall, and added it to their Weird World of Sports roundup.

What’s even better is that they asked us (Ben Teoh and Nick Morris) to be part of their actual print article too! Check it out!

Ben Teoh and Nick Morris in Adelaide's City Messenger

Ben Teoh and Nick Morris in Adelaide's City Messenger

Head over to the City Messenger’s Weird World of Sports page to see the video footage and other cool stuff happening in Adelaide.

Bayside Zumba hits Rundle Mall

Congrats goes out to Bayside Zumba for pulling together a great flashmob event here in Adelaide. Rundle Mall was swamped by people dancing, chanting, clapping, cheering… it was pretty full on! As would be expected, a huge crowd watched as the spectacle happened!

Well done!

Who Needs Pants? No Pants Tram Ride 2011

Superman, Sponge Bob, Astro Boy and Indiana Jones all made an apperance today at today’s No Pants Ride 2011. The Adelaide Flashmob were part of the first group of cities to take part in the global No Pants Subway Ride event run by Improv Everywhere. This annual event sees thousands of people worldwide on different forms of public transport taking of their pants and feeling the breeze! Thankfully, here in Adelaide the sun was out – a perfect day for a tram ride without pants.

At 12pm, the flashmobbers met up at Hindmarsh Square to run through the how things were going to work and to split into teams. After waiting for a few of the latecomers, we made our way to the Pirie STreet tram station for the first tram. Each of the teams were assigned a tram stop where they would get off, take their pants of and wait for the next tram. Communuters on the second tram watched on as more and more people entered the tram doors, without pants on. Continue reading

Burst Into Song This Sunday!

With just days to go, our next event is almost ready to go! We’ve been fortunate enough to get a bit of media coverage this time around with the great people at FiveAA and the City Messenger.

If you’d still like to get involved, please come along on the day and learn the chorus parts. It’s going to be pretty simple, and we’d love as many people as possible to join in.

Find out the full details of Sunday’s event by heading over to our Facebook Page or check out our previous post: Belle – December 19th, 2010.

As always, this is all in the spirit of fun and good times!

Look forward to seeing you there!

News from Maria Tran

Hey, just a quick update from our time with Maria Tran and her Quest for Jackie Chan. She’s been super busy with what seems like 101 different projects, but she’s going to be heading over to Hong Kong soon where she’ll hopefully meet Jackie Chan!

She’s also written a little bit about her time in Radelaide with us over at the Quest For Jackie Chan Blog:

I would like to send a major shout out to the Adelaide Flashmobbers who are so bold, innovative and daring in their approach and wish them all the best in continuing to inspire the world, connect with the next generation and engage with the world with more fun and excitement.

Cheers to you to, Maria. Your quest has inspired one of our best Flashmob events yet!

Hairspray Cancelled – New event on its way!


Sadly the Hairspray event has been cancelled. Unfortunately, I can’t explain the full story here, but involves pirates, a love triangle and a three headed monkey.

However, we ARE still going to be running an event this month, which we’re keeping to ourselves at the moment (unless you’re on Facebook, then it’s pretty easy to find out). If you’re not on Facebook and you’d like details on the NEW event, email us at and we’ll let you know what’s going on.

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!

It’s tough searching through YouTube for flash mobs and find something a little bit different. It seems that everyone’s doing a freeze or a song and dance style flash mob. So, it was with a bit of joy that I discovered this little clip.

Hundreds of lightsaber-wielding Star Wars fans hit Cabot Circus in Bristol, England for one epic battle. Young and old were involved – some really got into the dressing up, some looked like they just came along for the lightsaber action. Hit the “more” link to check out the video.
Continue reading