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Flashmob news from around the globe!

Bayside Zumba hits Rundle Mall

Congrats goes out to Bayside Zumba for pulling together a great flashmob event here in Adelaide. Rundle Mall was swamped by people dancing, chanting, clapping, cheering… it was pretty full on! As would be expected, a huge crowd watched as the spectacle happened!

Well done!

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!

It’s tough searching through YouTube for flash mobs and find something a little bit different. It seems that everyone’s doing a freeze or a song and dance style flash mob. So, it was with a bit of joy that I discovered this little clip.

Hundreds of lightsaber-wielding Star Wars fans hit Cabot Circus in Bristol, England for one epic battle. Young and old were involved – some really got into the dressing up, some looked like they just came along for the lightsaber action. Hit the “more” link to check out the video.
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Random acts of awesomeness

Chaz Harris has discovered the joys of flas mobs and is telling readers of all about it. My favourite quote from the article is this:

What did I learn from watching all of these wonderful videos? That random acts of awesomeness like this make the world a better place and just for those few minutes, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, how much you earn, who you love or what colour your skin is – it’s people working together as one. At least to me, it’s hope on film.

What a great description of what flashmobbing is all about. Here at Adelaide Flashmob, we’re all about making life in Adelaide that little bit more exciting – and random acts of awesomeness 😀

Read Chaz Harris’ full article here