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Adelaide Flashmob #13 (Ideas & Organisers Wanted)

Its been a while since our last Flash Mob so save the date for our next event coming up in June.

Date: 13 June 2009

1pm – 2pm
Meeting Location: Hindmarsh Square (near the Robots on Poles)
Questions: adelflashmob(at)hotmail(dot)com

Whats a flash mob?
“A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse”

We’re Still Looking for Ideas

For this event we’d like to get some more people involved in the organising and coming up with ideas. If you’re not familiar with our events have a read of the flashmobs we’ve done so far.  What we usually do is 3-5 flashmobs for each event to make a day of it.

If you have an idea that you’d like to try out, let us know on the facebook facebook group and in the comment on this post (don’t forget to add your email address in the field so we can contact you). We’ll pick a few for this and get those who came up with the ideas to help organise them, if they want to.

Ideas 2

Following on from our other ideas post we’d like to get some more feedback on what mobs people want to do. Check back to our first 13 ideas and let us know if theres any there which we haven’t done yet but you’d still like to do, if you have any new ideas of your own post them in the comments as well.

#7: Improv Everywhere: This was a popular idea and we’d like to know which IE mission you are most interested in…

7.1: Frozen Event: Everybody freezes in a public space for about 5 mins: Youtube Video, IE Report, Global Freeze Events

7.2: Random Musical: Bunch of seamingly random people break out into song in a public place: Youtube Video, IE Report

7.3: Time Loop: Bunch of people repeat a bunch of actions over and over: Youtube Video, IE Report

7.4: Un-Employees : Everybody dresses similar to the employees of a shop then all go there and confuse everybody: IE Report

7.4: MP3 Actions: We make and MP3 with a bunch of instructions on it and everyone dowloads it, puts it on their mp3 player and presses play at the same time (IE have done this a number of times): Youtube Video

speed download

, IE Report

Many more ideas after the jump.
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AFM#4- Ideas

The Fringe is almost upon us and theres going to be thousands more people in Adelaide. Its an opportunity to do a Flash Mob that we simply can’t miss. Its been a while since our last official mob (they don’t have pepsi?: dec 27th) and our last related event (no pants: jan 15th), and its partly because we’re having a bit of trouble deciding what to do. We have basically decided to do something in the CBD since we’re almost guaranteed to get a decent number of onlookers. We also want to try and do more than one mob this time, since each once is so brief, in order to make it more of an event for people to come out for.

Here are some of the ideas that we’ve come up with or have been suggested to us. Please let us know which one(s) you think would work best and any other feedback, or your own ideas, by:

-leaving a comment on this post (below)

-Email us:

Facebook Group

MySpace Group


#1: Homeless Harry: Easy one. We have a mobber dress up as a homeless man with a hat in the central city area. Homeless Harry then finds a bench, lies down on it, places his hat on the ground and then falls asleep… Then we have mobbers walk by and give him coins, and a few more form a crowd and throw money, etc. As the crowd grows, we start to cheer Harry’s actions. For example if he coughs, or scratches himself, we start to clap and cheer.

#2: Demand and Demand: We choose a store, a product, and a starting point. Group rushes the store all at once, yelling for said object and making a cuffuffle. Obviously a small, unknown, or non-existant item would work better for this. Or Big Macs from KFC even 😛

#3: Round of Applause: Simply put, we find something random to applaude. For example, someone sitting on a park bench. Or someone using an ATM. Or someone buying a coke. We just come out from our hiding places, applaude, take photos, etc, and then leave again.

#4: The Picket Line tracey fragments the dvd : We form a picket line, objecting something absurd. Construction of basic banners, signs, flyers and chants would be in order, but imagine a group of people claiming “The Sun’s Not Fun” and demanding the Government get rid of it.

#5: Bed Time: Everybody sets their mobile phone alarms to a predetermined time and to loud setting. We all pretend to fall asleep in a public place; on benches, at tables, on ground, leaning against walls etc. and when the alarms go off simultaneously, we all get up suddenly and walk off.

#6: Round and Round: Choose 2 escilators in the Myer Centre, 1 going up, 1 going down, stand on them, reading news papers and keep going around on them for a while.

#7: Improv Everywhere: We could do something similar to Improv Everywhere’s missions such as: Bestbuy, slo-mo home depot, etc (check out Improv Everywhere website)

#8: Flash Worship: Hey does everybody know the spruiker guy from out front the rennaisance tower on rundle mall. He’s embarrassed half of adelaide at one time or another. What if we flash worshipped him? He’s got a sense of humour.

#9: Celebrity: How about someone who looks like a “celebrity” arriving at an opening (eg. festival theatre, or stadium) in a limo, and we have a fake paparazzi stampede? “Are you here for the concert? Is it true you broke up with Brad Pitt?” and lots of us with cameras and ID things around our necks? etc

#10: Random Item: We could pick out a random item, and turn up en masse as an anxious mob desperately trying to purchase one each as if it was some weird craze. that’d freak out the shop owners.

#11: Generous Mob: Do something nice for fellow Adelaidians… a mob of people start handing out ‘With Compliments’ cards, and giving people a compliment at the same time. “I love that shirt”, “your hair is looking great today!”

#12: Uniform: Everybody comes dressed in the same outfit such as suits. You could create some pretty cool effects that way, like the Smiths in the Matrix.

#13: Conga

: Create a massive conga line down Rundel Mall. Each mobbers joins the line from a differnt place and pretends not to know other participants. Would be interesting to see how many non mobbers we could get involved.

Remember the Fringe dates are Feb 22nd till March 16th so we need to get onto this. Let us know what you think of these ideas.