UniSA Flash Mob Group

We have created a UniSA Flash Mob Group as a special AFM project to try and attract more uni students. We will use this group to organise specific Uni Flash Mobs as well as events such as fundraisers and pub crawls. The group is managed through the UniLife (the professional student services provider for UniSA) website.  Normally a group needs to get 10 *premium Unilife members before it become affiliated with UniSA/ Unilife but we have been given a special temporary trial period of affiliation to try and attract the premium members*.

That means that we need to attract many members quickly.  Members don’t need to be premium but we do need at least 10 of them to remain affiliated.  If you’re interested then head on over to the Unilife website clubs area download growing out and sign up for an account.  Then visit our group home page and join up.

*Premium Membership of UniLife costs $20 and can be purchased online

13 game of death download

or at any UniLife branch office. Premium Membership gets you a discount card with huge savings on restaurants, take-away, travel, accommodation and entertainment, Priority access to the UniLife Second Hand Books Service and 20% off ALL UniLife ticketed events. Click here for more information.